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Visittibet.org provides a superior one-stop-shop for Tibet vacations. Tourism visittibet.org website is the primary vehicle for information, supported by a group of Tibet travel experts and online booking engine. Visittibet.org contributes to the economic viability for the tourism while strengthening the brand of Tibet and optimizing the marketing call-to-action. It is managed by an expert team from Visit Tibet Travel Service (www.visittibet.org) and has served international tourists to Tibet for more than 15 years. As one of the oldest international tour operators registered with Tibet Tourism Bureau and Administration of Industry and Commerce in Tibet, we have grown into a tourism brand famous for quality and reliable service among foreign guests over the years. Today, with two offices in Lhasa and Chengdu respectively, VisitTibet.org continues to expand its services and hopes to give every traveler an unforgettable experience in Sino-Tibet region.

 Why Choose Us for your Tibet Visit

  • A Great selection of tours and bookings! With our wide travel network and rich tourism resources across Tibet, we want to create a place to display the great variety of destinations and trips that we can proudly offer on this miraculous land and at the same time give you full access to these wonderful experiences. On VisitTibet.Org, you can easily design a customized travel itinerary as well as making reservations for hotels and transportation. Whether it is a one day classic city tour or a multi-week off the beaten path mountain trek, we will always come up with the best solution for you and satisfy your wandering mind.
  • Authentic and local experience only at better local prices! We always want to guarantee you an authentic travel experience, and we work with local experts and staff directly to provide services to our guests. For example, our team in Tibet consists of English speaking local Tibetan guides with many years of experience. They are familiar with all the great attractions in the region and they can also tell you the most unique hidden gem. We do so because we understand that a travel experience can be maximized only by establishing a deep connection with the new destination. For any authentic Tibetan travel experiences, our prices are much better than any other local Tibetan tour operators who sell sky high prices for the same or even less services.
  • Personalized customer service! Our customer team is detail-oriented and place the needs of our customers at the center of what we do. With us, you enjoy many great customer services that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, we always start to respond to your inquiries and process your bookings as soon as we receive them. You can reach us via a variety of methods, including email, Skype, cellphone, We-chat. We take the feedback of our customers seriously and welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your experiences. Our direct working relationships with many hotels also enable us to constantly share suggestion and improve our services.
  • Best Price and Payment Flexibility! We are based in the heart of the destinations where we are specialized in arranging tours services for overseas travelers. Our team has over 15 years Tibetan tour organization and operation experiences. Our travel consultants team and service team has deep understanding of international traveler’s tour requests. Some of our members have international study, working, living and traveling experiences. Our offers are comparatively cheaper than any local operators. This is not enough, as our service quality is the core point which every member in our team bared in mind. Many local tourism service parties such as local hotels, local drivers, local tour guides, local cruises booking channels joined  our platform. So there is no middle man to raise the price. We give you a discounted price but not a discounted experience. In fact, on top of the discounted price we will even give you the added value of instant communication and support before,during and after the trip.


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