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Xianggong Mountain

Yangshuo Local Trekking Tour Xianggong Mountain

Yangshuo Local Trekking Tour Xianggong Mountain

Xianggong Mountain is a famous tourist spot in Yangshuo County of Guangxi Province in China. Initially the mountain is just a tiny karst hill on the west bank of Li River. However, it rose to fame several years ago. Because one local photographer took some photos on the mountain top. And these pictures have won the international award. Thus it makes this place very known. Especially lots of photographers come here for the inspiration.

Xianggong was the title of a governmental official the ancient times. The reason why the mountain gets its name is due to its look similar to the man with an officer’s hat. Moreover, locals call it Hebao Mountain as well. Because it is at the foot of Hebao Village.

When entering the mountain, you can see some grey-tiled houses at the entrance. A wood board is hung above the middle gate with Chinese characters on it. The Chinese words mean giving a panoramic view. After the entrance, there are some stone steps. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive at the top of the mount.

A three-floor sightseeing platform is for seeing the full view of Yangshuo landscape. You can not see the famous Li River but also local farmers working in the field. Besides, some fishermen are busy on the river.

Xianggong Mountain is a place you can not definitely miss. Standing on the top of the mountain will make you get a nice and full view of the whole Yangshuo landscape.