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Chinese New Year Festival 2018

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival - 2018 the Year of Dog 2

The 2018 Chinese New Year is coming soon and there are only a few days left. Here are some interesting tips about this big Spring Festival when you can feel the real holiday spirit in China. This year Chinese New Year will be on the 16th of February. Following the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese New […]


Join 50+cheap Tibet group tours

This is really big! Tibet Ctrip Travel Service (TCTS) announced great news for Tibet group tours fans. As local Tibet tourism insider agent, TCTS has tailor made many short duration and small group size tours. Once travelers have permits in advance, they have many options to book even after arrival. And this offers absolutely maximum flexibility for […]


Complete Tibet Visa & Permits

Tibet travel permits sample

All Tibet Travel Permits & Visa Documents Category There are overall 6 kinds of travel documents for your Tibet holiday. You may just need A.B.C or A.B.C.D. or A.B.C.D.E.F. This depends on your Tibet travel itinerary. As different parts of Tibet requires different Tibet travel permits. Please take a quick look and hope it helps you. A-Valid Passport B-Chinese Visa […]


How to explore Tibet flexibly?

Travel Tibet as independently as possible! Why Not? Hello, my name is Tony, I am the founder of, and, online Tibet tour booking system of Tibet Niwei International Travel Service, one registered Lhasa tour company since 1999. I am happy to help you understand how to travel in Tibet with maximum flexibility. […]


How To Travel Tibet On Budget?

Explore Tibet on Tight Budget

Ways to Travel to Tibet on A Tight Budget So you want to travel around Tibet without spending too much money? It is absolutely right in the world economy down turn. Hello, my name is Tony, I am the founder of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service (, online brand of Tibet Niwei International Travel Service, one […]