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Beijing Train Schedule

China Trains Travel Route Beijing Train Schedule Beijing-Pingyao High Speed Train Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West Railway Station

Built in 1901, Beijing Railway Station is the oldest station in Beijing. As the transportation hub for destinations between northeast and southeast China, it has heavy traffic load in Beijing. If you’re looking into a budget train travel, look at the Beijing Train Schedule down.

Three Train Stations in Beijing

  • Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West is one of the largest stations in China. Here, passengers can board trains to (for example) Hong Kong, Xi’an, Xiamen, Kunming, Guilin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

  • Beijing South Railway Station
China Trains Travel Route Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South was the first station to combine high-speed trains, suburban trains and metro, after re-construction in May 2006. It runs a high-speed line between Beijing and Shanghai, and the Beijing to Tianjin intercity trains. Passengers to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Shenyang also depart from here.

  • Beijing North Railway Station

Beijing North is currently under renovation. It will reopen by the end of 2019.

FromToPopular Train(s)Travel TimeDistance (KM)
Beijing South StationShanghai Hongqiao  StationG1, G13,G3,G129 etc.4h49m – 5h40m1318km
Shanghai Station*D313(19:37-07: 14)
11h50m – 12h7m1296km
Hangzhou East  StationG19(08:30-13:31)
5h01m – 5h50m1279km
Ningbo StationG55(08:10-14:55)
6h45m – 6h49m1354km
Qingdao StationG179(09:35-14:10)
4h35m – 4h49m819km
Shenyang StationG219(08:00-11:58)3h58m681km
Shenyang North StationG217(13:30-17:28)3h58m694km
Harbin West  StationG381(07:53- 14:59)7h06m1222km
Beijing West  StationXi’an North  StationG87(14:00-18:23)
4h23m – 5h50m1071km
Xi’an Station*Z19(20:40- 08:31)
*Z43(20:12 – 09:55)
11h51m – 13h43m1074km
Pingyao Gucheng  StationG605(10:28-14:32)4h04m582km
Guilin StationG421(09:07 – 19:45) *Z5(16:09 – 11:34)10h38m
Guilin North  Station*Z285(21:10-16:27)19h17m1942km
Guangzhou Station*Z35(11:49-09:10)21h21m2110km
Guangzhou South  Station*D901(20:10-06:28)
Shenzhen Station*Z107(19:55-18:11)22h16m2152km
Shenzhen North  Station*D901(20:10-07:06)10h56m2177km
Futian  StationG79(10:00-18:45)8h45m2159km
Beijing StationShanghai Station*T109 (19:33 – 10:43)15h10m1208km
Shenyang StationD15(07:31 – 12:37)5h06m680km
Shenyang North  StationD17(09:15 – 14:14)4h59m691km
Harbin StationD25(09:58-18:37)
*Z15(21:21 – 07:26)
Harbin West  StationD101(13:49 – 21:39)7h50m1228km
Hangzhou Station*Z9 (19:08-09:29)14h21m1289km
Pingyao Station*K609 (23:53 – 09:30)9h37m585km