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China Trains How To Buy Train Tickets- at Train Station
Buy Train Tickets at Train Station

How to buy train tickets in China can be really confusing. However, as one of the large online tourism booking platforms in Tibet, has been working hard to provide vacation solution for overseas travelers. Here let us classify a list of the main methods about buying train tickets.

How to Buy Train Tickets

To buy the train tickets in mainland China, there are mainly four ways. Visit Tibet travel service provide one on one train ticketing services. Besides, travelers can also buy it through, the official China Rail Booking System. Or call the official hotline 95105105.

Passengers need valid ID to buy the tickets. Foreigners need to show their passports. However, the visitors from HK, Macau and Taiwan need the travel permit.

1. Book through

The most convenient way to buy the tickets is through internet. Because it not only saves time but also energy. Visit Tibet Travel Service offers the booking service to ease all your worries. Besides, it saves money and avoids trouble. We have professional travel adviser handling your inquiries. Please just email to [email protected], the booking fee is just

China Trains How to Buy Train Tickets at Train Ticket Agency
Buy Train Tickets at Train Ticket Agency

5-10 USD per ticket and you get instant support. You can pay us via paypal or wechat pay or Alipapy. We can make how to buy train tickets very easy.

2. Buy the Tickets at Train Station and Outsourced Ticket Shops

Passengers can buy the tickets at the train station or the ticket shop 28 days before their departure. But passengers need to pay attention of the time schedule. You can check train timetable. Moreover, it is better to write down the details of the train you will take. And just show the details to the staff. Because most of them do not speak English.

In addition, international travelers should bring their passports. Only Chinese can buy through the automatic ticket selling machine. It needs Chinese ID. Foreigners need to queen up. It is a long line. You should better arrive earlier.

3. Book through

China Trains How to Buy Train Tickets Through
Buy Train Tickets Through is the website of the Chinese Railway Corporation. It sells the tickets usually 30 days ahead. To buy through this website, tourists need to understand Chinese very well. Because there is no English version. Besides, passengers need to register with Chinese cell phone numbers. The pay is though online within 30 minutes.

4. Call the Official Hotline 95105105

Same as the, this hotline is the official number of Chinese Railway Corporation. To book tickets through this line, passengers should have a good verbal understanding of Chinese. And you should use a pen to write down the booking number. After the reservation, passengers should pick up the tickets at the railway station within 24 hours.


1. If passengers lose their tickets, they can get a reclaim with their valid ID. If a passenger changes her or his schedule, he or she can change the ticket or get money back at any station.

2. The pre-sale time of tickets may change according to the holidays and festivals.

3. There is no insurance with the ticket. If someone needs, he or she need to buy it alone.