China Train Travel Policy

As the vastest train network in the world, China railway system covers 124,000 km in length, connecting more than 500 cities across the country by high-speed train network. Notably, the highest speed train can even reach 350 km/h. At the same time, it’s quite safe and reliable with extreme low rate of delay and accidents. Therefore, if you’re looking into a budget, safe and convenient trip, China railway joinery is your best option! Book smarter, faster and cheaper via Explore China Tibet from now! Check the China Train Travel Policy down below.

China Railway Travel China Train Travel Policy
Valid ID & Paper Ticket

Important Facts of China Train Travel Policy

  • Make sure passengers’ information you fill in the booking form are exactly the same as what they appear on the passports
  • Tickets changing and refund should be done before the departure
  • Buy train tickets as early as possible to save money and select favorable seats
  • The availability of tickets for selling will be advised 2 months before the travel date
  • Avoid important festivals during your train travel (National Day, Spring festival, etc.)
  • Ticket fare does not include food or beverage in train
  • Passengers should arrive at the train station 60 minutes before departure
  • Change request before payment as well as the issue of tickets, no changing fee
  • Change request after the issue of tickets depends on the time you booked the ticket
  • Hold valid document (valid ID & paper ticket) to go through the ticket checking window.
  • Baggage space is limited and must be stored in the sitting/sleeping compartment along with the other passenger’s luggage.
  • Carry-on baggage allowance is no more than 44 pounds (20 kg) per person
  • For normal trains after departure, a train attendant will walk through the carriages to collect tickets
  • Do notice that some high-speed trains have ticket reclamation at the exit
  • Arrive at the station an hour before scheduled departure time for security check, finding the waiting room, ticket check and boarding, etc
  • Only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc, there is English announcement at Railway stations. In some small cities, only Chinese is available.
  • Dining room and food trolleys are available onboard, including food, snacks, fruits and drinks, etc.

Above all, there’re several tips of China Train Travel Policy. We Explore China Tibet hope you can have a smooth and wonderful train journey in China. For more information, please email us at [email protected] !