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Shenzhen Train Schedule

To know Shenzhen Train schedule is good to plan your Shenzhen trip in advance!

In general, there are three main train stations in Shenzhen. Namely, they are Shenzhen Railway Station, Shenzhen North Railway Station and Futian Railway Station.

1.Shenzhen Railway Station

China Trains Travel Route Shenzhen Train Schedule Futian Railway Station

Shenzhen Futian Railway Station

This station is in Luohu District. Also it is next to the Luohu port.It easy to go to HK by this port.

2.Shenzhen North Railway Station

This station is in Baoan District. There are busses and subways around it.

3. Shenzhen Futian Railway Station

This station is in Futain District in the southern area of the city.

Shenzhen Train Schedule

Train No. Arrival Running timeDistance
G1001Shenzhen Bei (North)07:25 – 12:121171 KM
G1002Wuhan07:00 – 11:381171 KM
G1003Shenzhen Bei (North)07:55 – 12:351171 KM
G1004Wuhan08:26 – 13:211171 KM
G1005Shenzhen Bei (North)08:12 – 13:001171 KM
G1006Wuhan09:30 – 14:171171 KM
G1007Shenzhen Bei (North)09:30 – 14:371171 KM
G1008Wuhan10:16 – 15:121171 KM
G1009Shenzhen Bei (North)09:41 – 14:161171 KM
G1010Wuhan11:25 – 16:241171 KM
G1011Shenzhen Bei (North)10:53 – 15:491171 KM
G1012Wuhan13:10 – 18:041171 KM
G1013Shenzhen Bei (North)12:09 – 17:091171 KM
G1014Wuhan15:20 – 20:231171 KM
G1015Shenzhen Bei (North)13:44 – 18:571171 KM
G1017Shenzhen Bei (North)14:39 – 19:241171 KM
G1018Wuhan15:05 – 20:031171 KM
G6011Shenzhen Bei (North)07:00 – 10:32809 KM
G6012Changsha Nan (South)07:14 – 10:35809 KM
G6013Shenzhen Bei (North)07:30 – 10:56809 KM
G6015Shenzhen Bei (North)07:50 – 11:32809 KM
G6016Changsha Nan (South)11:08 – 14:34809 KM
G6017Shenzhen Bei (North)10:08 – 13:35809 KM
G6018Changsha Nan (South)11:56 – 15:29809 KM
G6019Shenzhen Bei (North)10:55 – 14:21809 KM