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China Trains The Types of Train Ticket -Second Class Seat on High-Speed Train
Second Class Seat Tickets on High-Speed Train

Welcome to know more information about the types of train ticket.The types of train ticket in China are diverse due to the types of trains.Usually, there are two types of trains in China. Namely, the types of train ticket are mainly for high-speed trains and normal trains. To know the types of train ticket can help you precisely locate your seat or sleeper.

The high speed trans includes C,D and G trains.

And the trains contain the class types as below.

  • first class seat
  • second class seat
  • business class seat
  • VIP seat
  • soft sleeper
  • China Trains China Train Profiles Ticket Types Red Tickets
    Hard Seat on Ordinary Train

    deluxe soft sleeper

  • high speed sleeper

However, the normal trains includes Z, T, K, Y, K and S types.

Their class types includes:

  • hard seat
  • soft seat
  • hard sleeper
  • soft sleeper
  • deluxe soft sleeper

Normally, Chinese choose first class and second class for a less-than-five-hour trip. But for an overnight trip, it is better to get the hard or soft sleepers.Below we conclude the types of ticket according to the trains.

China Trains The Types of Train Ticket-Seats on High-Speed TrainHigh-Speed Trains

The fast trains starts with the letters G, D and C. They have the color white and grey like bullet locomotives. These trains have the characteristic of high speed, tidiness and good facilities. Lots of travelers choose to take this kind of train. Whereas most of them do not run overnight.

  • Second Class Seat

There are five seats in a row in the second class cabin. Two is on one side of the aisle while three is on the other side. The seat is adjustable. Besides, a foldable table is added. Passengers can make the backrest according to their requirement. The price of the second class seat is the cheapest among all the classes of high speed trains.

  • First Class Seat

Compared to the first class seat, the second class seat is more softer. There are four seats in a row. Two is on one side of the aisle while the other two is on the other side. Moreover, it has small pillow as well as a foldable footrest. The price of the first class seat is usually 20%-30% higher than the second class.

  • Business Class Seat

There are two seats in a row on the business class. One is on one side of aisle while the other one is on the other side. Passengers can make the seat flat to lie down. The fare of business class is very expensive. It is almost twice that of the first class.

  • VIP Seat

VIP Seat is only available on G and some D trains. The seat situation is like the first class cabin. The fare is more expensive than the first class. Except the seat, Soft Sleepers and Deluxe Soft Sleepers are ok for some overnight trains.

  • High-Speed Sleepers

The high-speed train between Shanghai and Beijing has added double-deck high speed sleepers. The sleepers is on both sides of the cabin. Every sleeper includes a coat rack, a desk, a headlamp, a reading lamp and a socket. Moreover, a private curtain is also available. Passengers can put their luggage below the lower berth. The distance between the two berths are long enough for stretching. Each train has 16 high-speed sleeper cabins with a limit of 8,80 passengers.

Normal Trains

China Trains The Types of Train Ticket -Hard Seats on Normal Trains
Hard Seats on Normal Trains

The normal trains are usually red, blue and green. They start with the letters Z,T,K,L,Y and S. Sometimes, they don’t begin with letter but just numbers. The facilities on board can be annoying. Because they are mainly for budget travelers.

  • Hard Seat

Hard Seat class has five seat in a row. Three is on one side while two is on the other. There is a common table between the passengers in every two rows. And the passengers sit facing each other.

  • Soft Seat

The soft seat class is not available on every normal train. And four seats are in a row with two on each side of the aisle. The seat is softer. But the price is more expensive.

Soft seats are only available on a few trains. There are four seats in a row with two on both sides. The seats are cushioned and softer. The fare is about 1.5 times of a hard seat.

  • Hard Sleeper

The hard sleeper class includes six berths with three on different level on the each side of the compartment. Three berths are on one side while the other three is on the other. The berths face each other. There is no door of each compartment. Passengers should pay attention to their precious stuff.

  • Soft Sleeper

Unlike the hard sleeper class, the soft sleeper class has four beds in a compartment. The fare is more expensive than the hard sleeper.

  • Deluxe Soft Sleeper

The Deluxe Soft Sleeper class contains two bunk beds and one sofa at the opposite. The beds are more comfortable. However, the price is the most expensive.

Special Tickets

1. Standing Tickets

Standing tickets are available after all the tickets sold out. This kind of ticket allow passengers to stand in the aisle in the hard seat class cabin.

2. Child Tickets

Children under 3.9 feet with an adult are free to travel. However, they have to share the seat or bed with the adult. If they need a seat or sleeper, there is a discount. If the parents have two or more children fit the requirement, only one can get the free ticket. Others have to pay.

Children with a height between 3.9 feet and 4.9 feet will have to pay. And they can get discount.

China Trains The Types of Train Ticket -Student Tickets (Only Chinese Students)
Student Tickets (Only Chinese Students)

3. Student Tickets

Only Chinese students can have student tickets with a discount.

4. Platform Tickets

This kind of ticket is only for seeing people off at the platform. It cost CNY 1-2. Nowadays not so many stations sell this ticket any more. If tourists really need it, they can buy a special card.

Train Pass

The train pass is a prepaid card for some high-speed trains. They include the gold and silver pass. The gold pass is for first class seat while the silver one is for the second class. Passengers can get a discount for inter-city and Beijing-Tianjing High Speed Trains.