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Zhangjiajie Day Tours

Sticking out from the subtropical and temperate forests in northwestern Hunan,Zhangjiajie has the most concentrated quartzite-standstone formations in the world.There are around 243 peaks and over 3000 karst pinnacles and spires all over the Unesco-protected park.You will feel like fairyland if the place has the right light or the early morning mist of mountain rolls in.

Thousand years ago,this land was main home to Tujia,Miao and Bai minority peoples.However,today it has become one of the most visited places in China with more than 20 million visitors coming here.Additionally,3000 distinct plant species and diverse fauna are grown here.You will see many macaques on the main trails but remember not to feed theen in view of their wildness.Other endangered spieces like Chinese Giant salamander,Chinese water deer and clouded leopard are not easily spotted since they hide deep in the park.

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