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Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018

Nowadays the Tibet local tourism and governmental authority announced a promotional travel policy. According to this policy, all travelers can get free Tibet tours attractions tickets. Yeah this is really great Tibet travel news. As said, from Feb.10 till end of April in 2018, travelers do not have to pay entrance tickets. And the authority has a list of 6 major districts  (includes Lhasa, Shannan, Shigatse, Nyingchi, Ngari and Chamdo). So this actually covers whole region of TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region of China).

According to our local Tibet travel agency’s experience, for such a lower season with weather condition into consideration, we would love to recommend foreign travelers to have visit Lhasa, Mt. Everest Base camp, Gyantse, Shigatse and Tsetang. If foreign travelers want to visit Kailash and lake Manasarovar, it is better to enter Tibet around April. So why not start to plan a cheaper 2018 Tibet tour now?

Here below recommendations of free Tibet tourists attractions (from mid-February till end of April).

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Lhasa 

  1. Potala Palace
  2. Jokhang Temple
  3. Norbulingka
  4. Drepung Monastery
  5. Sera Monastery
  6. Dezong Hot Spring
  7. Ani Tsangkung Nunnery nunnery
  8. Thousand-Buddha Cliff
  9. Tsha-Tsha Rock Cultural Museum
  10. Namtso Lake
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Potala Palace

Winter Palace of Dalai Lama – Potala Palace

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Shannan

  1. Samye Monastery
  2. Mindrolling Monastery
  3. Yamdrok Lake
  4. Lebu Valley
  5. YumbuLakang Palace
  6. Tradruk Monastery
  7. Kajiu Temple
  8. Dreku Lake
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Tibet Palace Tour Yumbulagang Palace

Top Tibet Tourist Attraction – Yumbulagang Palace

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Shigatse 

  • Monasteries: Palcho Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Ngor Monastery, Narthang Monastery, Ganden Quguo Monastery, Ya Dong Ga Monastery, Lhatse QudeMonastery, AngenQude Monastery, Dana Monastery, ZidongQude Monastery, Gang-gyan Monastery
  • Temples: Pengcuolin Temple, Paba Temple, Qiangqin Temple, RelaYongzhonglin Temple, Engong Temple, TahiJipei Temple, Shalu Temple, RereZhude Temple, Canzuolin Temple, Niguo Temple, Naining Temple, Zhasang Temple, Sewu Temple, Zangzha Temple, Rijia Temple, SamzhuQuding Temple, Yadongzensang Temple, Zhabu Temple, Sengdu Temple, XiongXiong Temple, Laza Temple, Relong Temple, Pasuo Temple
  • Natural and cultural attractions: Jifu Valley, Kaga Hot Spring, Karola Glacier, Milariba Meditation Cave, Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve, Pala Manor, Simila Mountain Pass, Ouqu Mountain, Ancient Sakya City
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Tibet Famous Monastery Tour TashiLhunpo Monastery

Tibet Famous Monastery Tour to TashiLhunpo Monastery

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Ngari

  1. Khorzhak Monastery
  2. Khyung Lung DngulMkhar
  3. Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar Lake
  4. Pangong Tso
  5. Tholing Monastery
  6. Piyang-Donggar
  7. Zhari Namco
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Mt. Kailkash Trekking with Explore China Tibet

The Most Holy Place in the World – Mt. Kailash

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Nyingchi Tibet

  • Kading Buddha Waterfalls
  • Lulang Forest
  • Nanyi Valley
  • Niyang Pagoda
  • Pagsum Lake
  • Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Tibet Yarlung Valley Road Trip

Catching the Beautiful Scenery of Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Free Tibet Tour Attractions in Chamdo Tibet

  • Butuo Lake
  • Duola Fairy Mountain
  • Galden Jampaling Monastery
  • Jirong Gorge
  • LatuoWetLand
  • Mang Co Lake
  • Mangkang Salt Field
  • North Ridge of Meili Snow Mountain
  • Riwoche Monastery
  • Rakwa Tso
  • Zuomalang Tso
  • Zizhu Temple
  • Yiri Valley
Free Tibet Tour Tickets in Low Season 2018 Galden Jampaling Monastery

Galden Jampaling Monastery – Famous Monastery in Chamdo Tibet

However this is the namely updated tickets regulation. Each sightseeing attraction ticketing office may have instant policy change. So you can leave your Tibet trip more flexible and do not need to ask your agency to include every attraction. After arrival, you may have more options to skip or add attractions to your itineraries. But it is better to fix your general tour itinerary to be able to secure a good Tibet car rental price in advance.

Free Tibet tour entry time may not be on your tour schedule list

Even though the free Tibet travel tickets policy sounds amazing, but you need to read these important travel tips before traveling to Tibet in low season. Because foreign travelers may not be able to enter Tibet in the low season to enjoy the free Tibet tour entry tickets. Normally,Tibet tour is not available for international tourists from mid-February till the end of March. This is true since the March 14, 2008 issue in Lhasa. The busy season for foreign travelers starts from May to end of October while low and winter season start from November to mid February (including April).So to help save money further, it is good for you to join one of our Tibet group tours in 2018.

As the low season in Tibet will end up soon, please feel free to contact our local Tibet travel agency now.


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