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  • Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Hard Seat-3rd Class Seat

    Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Hard Seat-3rd Class Seat

    For low budget travelers,Tickets 100% Assured,Booking Instantly

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    Room facilities:Desk, Seating area, Shared bathroom

    There are three types of seating arrangements in all Tibet trains – soft sleepers, hard sleepers, and hard seat cabins. It is the cheapest way to take a Tibet train tour by taking a hard seat for it costs the least compared to soft sleeper and hard sleeper. But for the less comfort, it is advisable to take hard seats for short train journey to Lhasa from Xining or Golmud.

    How many hard seats on a Tibet Train?

    There are a total of four hard seat carriages in every train to Tibet. Each carriage has 98 seats, with two seats on one side and three on the other side. So, there are a total of 392 soft seats in any train going to Lhasa.

    Where to put luggage in hard seat cabin on Tibet trains?

    In each hard seat cabin on the Tibet train, there are storage lofts right above your seat lining above the windows. It is about 50 cm wide, which is just enough keep one small suitcase or a back pack. There is also space under the seats where you can keep luggage under your respective seat. It is suggested to have your valuable in a separate hand baggage so that it is safe.

    Hard seat cabin on Tibet trains
    There are storage lofts right above your seat lining above the windows
    An adult can have a bag that weighs less than 20 kg in the carriages. Any person carrying a bag heavier than that should use the consignment services which cost CNY 1.6 per kg.

    Bed size:No bed-but a seat

    Room size:A big open car

  • Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Hard Sleeper

    Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Hard Sleeper

    6 Beds in one room, there is no room door

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    Room facilities:Clothes rack, Seating area, Shared bathroom, Washer

    Tibet trains, like any other regular train in China, have three kinds of seating – soft sleeper, second class sleeper, and hard seats. The second class sleepers are also known as hard sleepers. Most of the travellers choose sleeper berths especially for long, over night journeys from mainland China to Tibet.

    Basic Information about Hard Sleeper Cars on Tibet Trains

    Hard sleepers on Tibet trains don’t necessarily mean that the berths are hard; the mattresses are just not as thick as soft sleepers. Hard sleepers are still the best option for budget travellers as it is cheap and comfortable.

    Hard sleeper on Tibet train
    Hard sleeper berths on Tibet train
    A Tibet train has 8 to 11 hard sleeper carriages and each carriage has 11 compartments. Each compartment has 6 berths. In any regular Tibet train there are about 480 hard sleeper berths and hence plenty of seats to book. But during peak tourism months, especially from August to early October, it is always safer to book your Tibet train ticket in advance.

    The hard sleepers are 60 cm wide and 180 cm long. The main difference from soft sleeper apart from thinner mattresses is that hard sleepers have 6 berths (3 each side) in each compartment and soft sleeper has only 4 berths in each compartment.

    Bed size:80cm

    Room size:3

  • Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Soft Sleeper

    Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Soft Sleeper

    4 beds per soft cabin,tickets assigned by China Railway System. Booking service fee is seasonal and included already.

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    Price from: $ 270
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    Room facilities:Clothes rack, Desk, Mountain view, Restaurant, Seating area, Shared bathroom, Washer

    Known as the one of the best first class cabins in the world, Tibet Train sleeper cabins offers you their best and comfortable services to their passengers. There are 2 sleeper cars having 64 compartments in each train running to Tibet. Each compartment has 4 sleeping beds- 2 on lower berth and 2 on upper berth. Also there is a door closed for private compartment.

    Bed size:75 cm

    Room size:3.8 m2 (2 levels)


Guangzhou is a major metropolis in southeastern China. It is a regional economic center and also famous for its year round spring-like nice weather. Guangzhou serves a daily direct train to Lhasa Tibet. The total journey is 4980km and takes 54 hours. Although it is a long trip, it will be rewarding as it takes you through multiple scenic provinces across China.

The Lhasa to Guangzhou train can be fully booked in the peak season. Therefore, we highly suggest that you reserve your seat on this train well in advance with us. The schedule shown below is tentative and subject to change. For the most updated information you are welcome to confirm with us before booking.


Train No.From / ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)Frequency


  • Clothes rack
  • Desk
  • Mountain view
  • Restaurant
  • Shared bathroom
  • TV
  • Washer

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