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Baishuitai Terrace

Shangri-la Yunnan Exploration Travel Baishuitai Natural Mineral Terraces

Shangri-la Yunnan Exploration Travel to Baishuitai Natural Mineral Terraces

Hit this splendid natural wonder in Shangri-La County. We Explore China Tibet recommend you visit Baishuitai along the journey to Yunnan province. It’s a heaven for photographers as well as a spot for nature lovers. Let’s check this place out!

Baishuitai Natural Mineral Terraces

Baishuitai is located in Sanba, about 100 km from Shangri-La County. As the cradle of the Dongba culture of Naxi minority people, it’s famous for its natural mineral terraces.Shangri-la Yunnan Exploration Travel Baishuitai Natural Mineral Terraces 1
The terrace is one of the biggest limestone terraces among China, measuring 140 meters from its bottom to the top, and 160 meters wide. Among the lush wood, it reveals layers of white terraces. In addition, there’s a legend saying that the Naxi Gods make this terraced field in order to make local Naxi people learn to plough farmland.

For your information, the terrace covers an area of 3 square kilometers. This area has a temperate climate with an annual temperature of 11.4℃. Here is one of the birthplaces of Naxi national culture in China. According to research, Baishuitai was originally dedicated as a worship place for god. Therefore, it is the sacred place of Naxi Dongba believers. Moreover, Naxi neighborhood houses, costumes and handicrafts are also very unique. You may learn more about local culture through this journey.
Please note: To protect the mineral terraces, do not stampede.