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Yarchen Gar/Yaqing Monastery

Garze Tibetan Area Tour Yarchen Gar

One of the Grandest Monasteries in Garze Tibet Region

Welcome to visit Yarchen Gar-Yaqing Monastery in Baiyü County, Sichuan. Here at Visit Tibet Travel Service , our local Tibetan Khampa travel service staff will take you to enjoy the real authentic Tibetan Kham region, Garze (Ganzi) Sichuan Province.

Brief Intro about Yaqing Monastery

Yarchen Gar is one of the grandest monasteries in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province in China. It is within Baiyu County. And Chinese Han call it ‘Yaqing Wujin chanlin’. It lies in a solo alley with an altitude of 4000 m. The monastery inherits the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It has over 10,000 Sangha members currently. Additionally, the world’s largest concentration of nuns and monks is there. Among them, most are nuns.

The monastery is 400 km far away from western Chengdu. It was built in 1985. There are around 10 000 monks and nuns in the monastery. Most of the residents there are nuns. Larung Gar is even larger than Yarchen Gar. However, it is a monastic encampment rather than a monastery. Nowadays Lots of monks and nuns choose to go to Yarchen Gar. Because Larung Gar was partly demolished in 2001 and not open for foreign travelers since 2015.

Achuk Rinpoche abbot is one of the most senior Nyingma masters in Tibet. And he practices Dzogchen mainly. Besides, he teaches in both Tibetan and Chinese language. It attracts lots of students from the entire China.

Not many tourists come to see Yarchen Gar because of its remoteness and bad road conditions. In the past years, local officials did not allow foreigners to go there. But it is open again recently. Now international travelers also have the opportunity to see one of the world’s largest monasteries.

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