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Chinese New Year Festival 2018

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival - 2018 the Year of Dog 2

The 2018 Chinese New Year is coming soon and there are only a few days left. Here are some interesting tips about this big Spring Festival when you can feel the real holiday spirit in China. This year Chinese New Year will be on the 16th of February. Following the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year is every year on a different date. Definitely, it is one of the essential and grandest festivals in China. Every year has different Zodiac animal sign that has the different meaning of life aspects. And the Year 2018 will be the Year of Dog. The year of the dog is good symbol for Chinese as it brings the luck to their house.

Things to do in Traditional Chinese New Year

  1. New Year Feast
  2. Festive customs
  3. Gifts- New Year’s red good luck charms
  4. Tradition New Year activities
  5. New Year’s Legend

Chinese New Year Feast

  1. In China this jolly February is connected with fascinating culinary tradition. Let us introduce some traditional dishes that necessarily need to be including on the Eve’s dinner. On first place dumplings of course cannot be missed as a main dish. Did you know that dumplings in years ago were the cure medicine during the cold season? Beside many Chinese used to believe that eating those means welcome the new and get rid of the old. Would you like to learn cooking dumplings we could help you to upgrade your cooking skills?
  2. Definitely necessary dish in the Chinese cuisine are well-known Noodles. It represents the hope for the good fortune. Next very important dish is rice spring. There’s nothing like satisfying your sweet tooth with first snack on the first day of the Chinese Year. These spring rolls are the greeting for the new coming spring. Another dish that also represents family unity is steamed chicken that could feed whole family. Beside it is symbol of rebirth and family reunion. Fish on the Eve is a dish that showing richness every year. Besides the whole steamed fish showing the family unity. To include pork in a main dish represents a prosperity, rich and powerful year.
  3. Above all there is a traditional hot pot that is most social style of having a dinner together. Beside you are sharing and cooking together at one table and it makes keeps you warm especially on winter time. Even after rich table and yummy dishes, there will be famous rice sticky glutinous cake that is served on special occasion like New Year. This cake in years ago was the greatest cake only for ancestor and gods but nowadays they are easily reachable dessert but still special on this time. In conclusion to all previous mentioned dishes each of them has the important and unique meaning for that time but mostly to bring the health, wealth and success to their family.
Chinese Traditional Spring Festival New Year Feast

Chinese New Year Feast – New Year Eve’s dinner

Chinese Festival customs

On New Year’s Eve people usually wearing new clothes on the Chinese New Year. Since Republican period (1912-1949) new customs on this special time of the year symbolized the high respect especially for the older generations. Not only that is favorable having a new and also red customs but is also protection from the evil intentions. Nowadays there are very famous traditional customs designs from Qing Dynasty.

Gifts – China New Year’s red good luck charms

There are plenty of talismans that are custom to give as a New Year gift to others in that time of the year. Don’t be surprised as the red color is dominating in this period. Normally you will see red envelopes with money inside, or gifts that are wrapped in red color. Red envelope with money inside is very common symbol of luck or luck money in China. People especially young family give red envelope to younger generation (kids) and elders as to wish them a prosperous and blessing year. In return there are kids who give this gift to older generations to hope for their long healthy life and to show their respect for them. Moreover there is some part of China who is believed that unmarried friends receive red pocked from married that bring them luck to find the partner soon.

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Red Pockets with Money

China New Year’s Red Good Luck Charms – Red Pockets with Money

China Tradition New Year activities

Besides having a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve, late night partying in a new customs and bring gifts there are some other traditional activities that is also significant. Generally most of the families decide to visit relatives due to greeting them with best wishes for the prosperous New Year. Another very important activity is cleaning whole house as to get rid of the dust before New Year to make better coming year. Therefore inside the house there are many new items bought for that reason. Especially on that time there are famous red paper cutting that arts will decorate the house to show the best for coming event. Moreover their front doors are decorated with picture of Gods of the Gate to protect their houses from evils.

Very famous dance performances of Chinese symbols Lion and Dragon are very important dance event happening on that time. They believed as their dance will bring the good fortune due their royal power that they have. In the past it was common to lit fireworks and firecrackers on the New Year’s Eve that will attract the great fortune, but recently due air pollution it become less popular.

Very old tradition activity is temple fair that is more usual for Beijing area and was for connecting temples together. Nowadays on temple fair you will see cultural carnivals, like diabolo, traditional puppet show and much more. Additionally that is great time to buy same very rare Traditional Chinese arts available only on that time. Living in the modern age of technology some tradition activity are changing according to high technology, so there will be more electronic card wishes, and online money gifts (like well-known mobile app WeChat).

Lantern festival is the sign of the end of the Spring Festival after fifteen days of the Chinese New Year. Generally on this festival people lights lanterns that symbolize the harmony and happy life and nowadays is Chinese Valentine Day.

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival China Tradition New Year Activities Lion Dance

China Tradition New Year Activities Lion Dance

China New Year’s Legend

You might hear lots of Chinese legends and their mythologies. There is interesting legend of Chinese New Year. From long time ago there were monsters which people call them as “Nián” that make villagers to disappear from their homes. The day before New Year beggar started decorate houses with red paper hung on the front doors and wear red clothes due his promise to get rid of this evil. As soon Nián recognize those red decorations exactly in the midnight suddenly the fireworks start working and monster started to run away angrily especially when he saw the beggar in a red dress. Those disappeared villagers came back to their houses and make this story with happy ending. Therefore is it good explanation why should families precious this time to have together dinner and decorate their houses in red color and dress new red clothes.

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Legend - Nian

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Legend – Nian

China Spring Festival Travel Tips-Must know before you come!

On the highest peak season Chinese preferably use China train travel. But of course according to highest season in the year they necessarily need to plan their holidays many days in advance. Therefore we will introduce some travel tips for this festival. To plan your travel around China some day earlier to avoid the highest price (sometime double prices) or tickets could surprisingly sold out soon is most than needed.

If you are planning to spent New Year in China and would like to take train as most accessible public transport in China, we highly recommend you to read further about China train travel in peak season.

During this time, millions and millions people in China especially young generations and modern family will decide to visit some tourist destination not only in China but also go abroad like south-eastern Asian countries. It is a fact that climate affect on the people’s choice of holidays destinations. More and more Chinese choose to visit the southern parts of China where they can expect more pleasant weather.

But there are some family who like skiing, they normally choose one of the top 5 ski resorts like Inner Mongolia, Harbin in northeast China, Xinjiang, and the ski field which is nearby Chengdu. If you are planning to ski in Sichuan Province you can check this two ski resort Taiziling Ski Resort and Xiling Snow Mountain Resort. It is tradition to have family gathering on the New Years’ Eve so normally they travel after New Year’s Eve. Some families especially elders will visit their original home places.

According to the longest public holiday in China starting from New Year’s Eve till seventh day of first lunar month following Chinese calendar, the governments offices are not in services, children do not need to go to school and most companies do not work as well. But no worries as the PUBLIC TRANSPORT will operate as usual. Nowadays China train travel helps you to save precious time on your travel journey according to dynamic active high speed trains.

Above all the interesting facts there is  Tibetan New Year celebrate at the same date as Chinese New Year which is very rarely happens.  Next following Chinese New Year will be on the 5th of February and that year will be the Pig Year. So follow up our unique tours and daily update news and see where will be your next destination in China in the Dog Year.

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival - 2018 the Year of Dog

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival – 2018 the Year of Dog

Despite the crowded places during the holiday season you will learn more about Chinese culture and experience the real China.

Enjoy your time in China and have happy holidays!

Chinese New Year Festival Calendar 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022 Forecast

YearDateHolidayZodiac Sign
2017January 28January 27 – February 2Rooster
2018February 16February 15 – 21Dog
2019February 5February 4 – 10Pig
2020January 25January 24 – 30Rat
2021February 12February 11 – 17Ox
2022February 1January 31 – February 6Tiger

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