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Qinghai Tibet Train Travel Arrangement

Welcome to visit Tibet by train! Taking Qinghai Tibet train travel is probably once a lifetime experience for most travelers. Considering the long distance and long hours during such high altitude train journey, and the busy train ticketing situation, we can say it is a once a life time experience for most. Since its completion in early 2006, the railway has become an increasingly popular Tibet tour option that offers stunning views of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Those looking for in depth cultural experiences will love taking the train; it provides opportunities to meet people from all over Tibet and China!

Fantastic Train travel landscape along the way to or from Lhasa!

The scenery along the Qinghai Tibet railway is really awesome! Travelers will have the opportunity to catch a view of the spectacular snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers, stunning alpine lakes, endangered wildlife such as Tibetan antelopes, Tibetan yaks, wild horses, eagles, nomad families dwelling in black tents and scattered remote villages.

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