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Tibet Trekking Adventures 2019-2020

Welcome to trek Tibet! You will explore Tibet natural beauty via trekking! Now you can easily experience Tibet through intense cultural immersion while trekking across the many Tibetan natural wonders.As a long standing Tibet tourism operator here in Lhasa, we are specialized in Tibet trekking services as well. At Visit Tibet travel service, we assure you the most authentic Tibet trekking at Better Local prices.Please tell us your detailed Tibet trekking adventure request in your inquiry, we know every trekking is unique, so we will work out the most suitable Tibet trekking program based on your individual case. Here below let’s recommend you some of the most famous Tibet trekking packages, further more,we can customize any of these trekking adventures even much further.

Famous Top 10 Adventurous Tibet trekking packages

Through trekking in Tibet, you will avoid the mass tourism annoyance and merge into the peaceful Tibetan nomadic life, and you will camp next to the traditional nomads family tents and challenge over the high passes! All these are just fantastic experiences. Here let TibetCtrip recommend you the Tibet trekking adventures which offer you breathtaking views and off the beaten path adventurous experiences.

Better Local Tibetan price for qualified Tibet trekking services—2019-2020 hot deals!

  • Ganden to Samye Monastery trekking (4 days trek 80 km);
  • Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek (4 days 60 km);
  • Khata Valley Trek (Khangsung Face-East Face of Everest-Lost Paradise);
  • Shalu-Nartang trek (2-3 days, 45 km);
  • Friendship Hwy-Everest Base Camp trek;
  • Everest Base Camp-Tingri or vice versa (review,70 km 3-4 days);
  • Kailash Pilgrimage (Kora)-Trekking (52 km, 3 days);
  • Lake Manasarovar Kora (7 itineraries);
  • Nyenchen Thangla Traverse (Nakya to Tashi Do Island (Namtso Lake);
  • Tibet Everest Advance Base Camp (6400 m) Trekking Tibet Side (not available in 2018 and 2019 due to policy)
We are Lhasa based Tibet trekking tour operator and we are rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor! Send email to [email protected] and we will respond to you with a satisfied Tibet trekking solution.