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This itinerary focuses on western Sichuan province, i.e. the Tibetan-inhabited areas in eastern Tibet. Compared with the wilderness of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, western Sichuan province features more diversified natural beauty, consisting of snow-capped mountains, sacred lakes, vast grasslands, grand canyons and lush forests.

You can see Daocheng Yading, the last Shangri-La, which is famous for its well-preserved natural scenery and the Tibetan culture, known as the last piece of pure land on the blue plane; the watchtowers in Danba, which have existed for more than 1,000 years and it is a miracle for them to survive so many earthquakes; Jiaju Tibetan village, the most beautiful village in China; and Mt. Siguniang, known as the East Alps.

Western Sichuan Grand Tour Highlights

Day 1 Arrive in Chengdu
Day 2 Chengdu-Kangding
Day 3 Kangding-Yajiang
Day 4 Yajiang-Litang-Daocheng
Day 5 Daocheng-Yading
Day 6 Yading-Daocheng-Yajiang
Day 7 Yajiang-Tangong-Danba
Day 8 Danba-Rilong
Day 9 Rilong-Mt. Siguniang
Day 10 Rilong-Chengdu
Day 11 Depart from Chengdu

What you can expect

Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu

Transfer to your reserved hotel after arriving in Chengdu airport or train station. The rest of the time is free for you to have a good rest and you can enjoy Sichuan opera after dinner.

Stay overnight in Chengdu

Day 2: Chengdu-Kangding

Drive 336km from Chengdu to Kangding via Ya'an. We'll pass 'Erlang Tunnel'- the first pass of the countless high mountains on the Sichuan-Tibet highway, and arrive in Kangding-the capital city of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the afternoon. After dinner, you can enjoy the hot spring at Erdaoqiao.

Stay overnight in Kangding

Day 3: Kangding-Yajiang

After breakfast, visit Anjue Monastery- the main temple at Kangding. You will have a rare chance to see their morning ceremony per day! Then drive to Xinduqiao for lunch. Xinduqiao is renowned as the Paradise of Photographers.

In the afternoon, drive to Yajiang County for accommodation.

Stay overnight in Yajiang

Day 4: Yajiang-Litang-Daocheng

Drive 220km to Daocheng with a stop at Litang for lunch. On the way, we will enjoy amazing sights of Jianziwan & Kazila mountains. Litang is known as the world’s highest city for its elevation at 4010m and famous for its Horse Racing Festival held in August. After lunch, drive to Daocheng with rich soil and unique Tibetan culture. You can enjoy a hot spring at Daocheng.

Stay overnight in Daocheng

Day 5: Daocheng-Yading

Drive 110km from Daocheng to Yading. It is best to get up early because the road condition is not very good. After reaching Yading, we'll enjoy a 2-hour-horse ride to Luorong pasture and another 2-hour-ride back to Chonggu monastery.

Stay overnight in Yading Village

Day 6: Yading-Daocheng-Yajiang

Drive back to Daocheng for lunch and then keep driving to Yajiang.

Stay overnight in Yajiang

Day 7: Yajiang-Tangong-Danba

We will drive to Tagong grass land via Xinduqiao. The scenery is absolutely fabulous! After a 113km drive, we will arrive in Danba with Jiarong Tibetan people. This is why you come. Furthermore, you may have a good chance to enjoy the 'Jiarong Tibetan's customs & stock house's' slides show.

Stay overnight in Danba

Day 8: Danba-Rilong

Today is the highlight of your whole trip. You will have a 'half-day-tour' at the local 'Jiarong Tibetan' family. People here are most friendly & hospitable. At Jiaju Village, you will enjoy breathtaking scenery & unique architecture, charming at home and abroad. Then drive to Rilong at the foot of Mountain Siguniang.

Stay overnight in Rilong

Day 9: Rilong-Mt. Siguniang

Renowned as the East ALPs, Mt. Siguniang is the most famous tourist site in Rilong. The scenery of this place is much attractive. You can spend a full day on trekking or riding horse in Changping valley and Double Bridge Gully.

Stay overnight in Rilong

Day 10: Rilong-Chengdu

Drive back to Chengdu. On the way, we will cross over Balang Mt. (4230 m elevation) to Wolong Giant Panda Natural Reserve, visit Giant Panda Museum, and pass Minjiang Valley and Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

Stay overnight in Chengdu

Day 11: Depart from Chengdu

Transfer to Chengdu airport for your flight to next destination. The tour ends.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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