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Kangding 8 days hiking is a perfect adventure in Sichuan for families. It starts in Chengdu and visit the Tibetan town Kangding. The hiking is in the valleys of primitive landscape and beautiful lakes and mountains. It ends in Tagong, a Buddhist town of Kham with stunning Buddhist constructions and interesting local Tibetan people. This is truly an adventure into the wild Sichuan.

What you can expect

Day 1 Chengdu - Kangding

Drive from Chengdu in the morning from your hotel for about 8 hours from the Chengdu plain into the mountains. Arrive in Kangding in the afternoon and acclimatize yourself. Walk around in Kangding, have a first see of the biggest Tibetan town in Kham. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2 Kangding - Zhonggucun

Visit Jingang Monastery in Kangding and have your last minute shopping before drive to the hiking start place at Zhonggucun. The drive is about half an hour from Kangding at 2500 meters to Zhonggucun at 3100 meters. Optional hot spring bath after dinner. Overnight in the quiet Tibetan village and have a good sleep for the hiking.

Day 3 Hiking /camping (12km, approx 5 hours)

The hiking start from the road outside of the village. Walk for about 30 minutes before ascent to the valley. The views are stunning while the walking is pleasant. First in the woods and then gradual ascent. Arrive at a big meadow and camp for overnight at the elevation of 3500 meters. It is a very nice campsite. Enjoy the tranquility of the valley and rest well.

Day 4 Hiking /camping (12km, approx 6 hours)

Keep walking and reach the end of this valley to hike up to the pass at about 4200 meters. Landscape changes as altitude rises. There are two sister lakes at the pass. After the pass walk down to the Youcuo Lake and camp for overnight. Now you are at the north face of the holy mountain Mount Yala. The lake is called Yala Youcuo, it is a holy lake where local Tibetan rituals were held. There maybe monks doing meditation somewhere in the mountain here.

Day 5 Hiking /camping (12km, approx 6 hours)

Today walk down to the river and dive into another valley. This is a much less walked trail and the views are just original. You will arrive today’s campsite after about 5 hours of walking. This day is a relatively easy day considering the walking distance. At campsite there may be some open hot springs set up by local nomads people. Rest well tonight and prepare for tomorrow’s hard walk.

Day 6 Hiking /camping (12km, approx 7 hours)

Today is the most strenuous day of walking. After one hour’s walking up to the same valley and traverse up to the pass. You will ascent three big terrains before reach the pass at about 4800 meters. The walking up is a little difficult but the views will make the effort worth. At the pass you have the views of Mount Yala at a really close range. On the other side to the west, you will have the views of the vast land of Tagong. Keep walking down to the lower part of the pass and camp for overnight.

Day 7 Hiking – Tagong (6km, approx 3 hours)

Wake up to keep walking for another half day before arrive in Tagong, your hiking terminal. At Tagong check in your hotel and have a hot shower. The afternoon is for you to explore the small town of Tagong and rest. Overnight in hotel.

Day 08 Tagong - Chengdu

Today drive for 2 hours to the airport and use the flight to fly back to Chengdu, at Chengdu be met and transfer to your hotel or your next destination.

Available departures

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