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Expect to go further in western Sichuan? Have a look at this multiple day tour! To maximize your travel experience, we Explore China Tibet are here to offer you the most authentic travel products. Welcome to book with us!

Firstly, this tour starts at Sichuan capital—-Chengdu. Travelers gather in Chengdu and then drive to Dartsedo (Kangding), which is 2560m above sea level. As Tibet’s eastern gateway, Dartsedo is in the eastern part of the Sichuan-Tibet. Besides, it’s also an important loading station on the ancient caravan. Historically, the middle 20th century Dartsedo was the capital seat of Chala Kingdom. Thus, our local guide will lead you through the ancient town as well as its surrounding in one day. At the same time, this can also make your body acclimatize to the high altitude.

Mountain Gyula pass (zhedoshan) in the territory of the Kangze Tibetan Autonomous is 4962m above sea level. In addition, Gyula is also an important geographical dividing line, West, Plateau Uplift zone, the Yalong River and right for the Alpine valleys, the Gyalrong Gyalmo river (dadu river) Moving on, about a days’ time, arrived at Lithang downtown.

Lithang county is one of the world’s highest town with 4014 meters above the sea level. The travel highlights of Litang includes Lithang monastery, which is built in the 16th century. There, you can have a overview of Buddhism. The most important social event is the annual Lithang Horse-racing Festival from 1 to 4 August. Moreover, it draws equestrians, folk dancers and wrestlers from all parts of the Tibetan highlands. We ride through the vast grasslands of this region, the birthplace of two Dalai Lamas (nos. 7 and 10) and camp on the pastures where we get more than a glimpse of contemporary nomad culture.

The trailhead is a five-hour drive at the Dabathong meadow. For the next few days we will trek an average of six to seven hours daily to circumambulate this sanctuary associated with the first Karmapa (12th century). We visit his hermitage, a cave by the sacred lake Jampa Lhatso, and the old and new Neygong Monastery, which he founded in a beautiful green tract known as Shambala Valley. Mountain Genyen with an elevation of 6,204 metres (20,354 ft). the rest of the days we trek around the foot of Mountain Genyen.
Above all, we hope you can enjoy the excellent Litang Genyen tour arrangement from us. Most importantly, you can have your personal customized tour products if you contact us in advance.

Tour Details of Sichuan Litang Genyen Trekking

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu
Pick up from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel.
Day 02: Chengdu – Dartsedo (Ch. Kangding).
View spot: Towns, Gyalrong river and Dartsedo lulu street.
Day 03: Dartsedo – Lithang.
View spot: Gyula pass, Ranyagkha town and Nyagchukha valley town.
Day 04: Lithang – Nyigo Monastery.
View spot: Shambala valley, Nyigo monastery, Trekking and Camping.
Day 05: Nyigo monastery – Chujording.
View spot: Trekking and Camping.
Day 06: Chujording Camping
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 07: Chujording – Tapathong.
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 08: Tapathong – Rawonon.
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 09:Rawonon – Thunon.
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 10: Thunon – Rathe.
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 11: Rathe – Tsadonshi.
View spot: Trekking and Camping
Day 12: Tsadonshi – Lithang – Nyachukha .
View spot: Drive back to Lithang down town and all way back to Nyachukha.
Day 13: Nyachukha – Lhagong – Rongdra
On the way visit the Mignyak Buddhist institute, view of Mt. Shagtrak Lhatse and explore the Dasum nature village .
Day 14: Rongdra – Chengdu.
View spot: Drive to Chengdu, on the way visit
Day 15: End of your tour.
Today is last day of you tour, your guide and driver transfer you to airport

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu 

Fly to Chengdu and transfer to your hotel where we will check all the gear and settle for the trekking.

Day 02: Chengdu - Dartsedo (Ch. Kangding)

Today we will drive 6-7 hours north of Sichuan; along the way we will pass through small towns such as Yaan, Siyang and Thanchun. Siyang is the convenient meeting point where all Tibetan truck drivers can make contact for transporting goods. On the Sichuan-Tibetan highway we begin our adventure at Dartsedo, the former gateway to eastern Tibet and a key loading station along the ancient tea caravan route. Until the mid-20th century, Dartsedo was the capital of the historic Chakla kingdom governed by a hereditary monarch.

Day 03: Dartsedo - Lithang 

Today we continue northwest of Sichuan on a drive that will take us to Lithang, one of the highest towns in the world (4019 m). We will visit the 16th-century Lithang Monastery which was destroyed in the 1950s, and has now been rebuilt overlooking the town. The most important social event is the annual Lithang Horse-Racing Festival held annually during 1-4 August. It draws equestrians, folk dancers and wrestlers from all parts of the Tibetan highlands. We ride through the vast grasslands of this region, the birthplace of two Dalai Lamas (nos. 7 and 10) and camp up on the pastures where we get more than a glimpse of contemporary nomadic culture.

Day 04: Lithang - Nyigo Monastery

Today we pass through the beautiful Shambala valley and a natural grassland and stupa which is located on the north face of a hill. Nyigo was originally a Kagyulpa monastery but Mongolian forces came through the area and converted it into a Gelupa monastery. All the monks are from local nomadic families.

Day 05: Nyigo monastery - Chujording Trekking and Camping

People believe there were one hundred monasteries in Chujording valley. You will see many dilapidated houses along the way—these may have been monasteries. You will explore those houses yourself.

Day 06: Chujording Trekking and Camping

Today we will go to Genyen glacier and return to Chujording. Genyen glacier is the most important and sacred hermitage for the meditation and monks from different monasteries. Some monks do meditation for many years at the foot of Mt. Genyen. They subsist on food and other needs received from their families.

Day 07: Chujording - Tapathong Trekking and Camping

Tapathong is an enormous meadow surrounded by three mountains including Mt. Genyen. There is a small hill of stones on the grassland which were put there by the Mongolian army.  Each member of the army placed a stone and the hill of stones were to show how large of a force it was.

Day 08: Tapathong - Rawonon Trekking and Camping

Today we trek through grasslands and a small Pam tree forest which is the local nomad’s animal grazing area. Sometimes you can see many wild pheasants and marmites in the area.

Day 09:Rawonon - Thunon Trekking and Camping

Thunon is the nomad’s winter campsite and store; there are small huts in the area because the nomads need to store butter and cheese and to house the elderly and young children.

Day 10: Thunon - Rathe Trekking and Camping

We will trek in the deep Rathe valley—a huge grassland without any trees where the nomads from Lithang and Bathang bring their animals to graze. You can enjoy the natural hot spring from the foot of Mt.Genyen.

Day 11: Rathe - Tsadonshi Trekking and Camping

Today is our last day camp of this trip. We will enjoy the vistas of the southern part of Mt. Genyen and return through a valley of forests and camp at a nomad’s campsite.

Day 12: Tsadonshi - Nyachukha 

Today we will trek for some hours to Dramla village where our jeeps will meet us for the drive back to the Nyachukha county. Enjoy the last day in the highest town in the world!

Day 13: Nyachukha - Minyak Buddhist Institute - Rongdra 

Today we drive all the way to Rongdra Gyalrong valley, on the way to explore Lhagong Minyak Buddhist institute and the brith place of 11th Dalai Lama, short stop for taking picture of the views of Mt. Shagtrak Lhatse. After check in hotel walk around in the Dasum Gyalrong Tibetan natural village. Enjoy the local Tibetan style hotel and its beautiful views.

Day 14: Rongdra - Chengdu 

Today we all way drive back to Chengdu, before leave Rongdra county, going to visit the Sokpo old tower heritage, have a short stop for enjoy the beautiful view of Mountain Kullha.

Day 15: End of your tour.

Your guide and driver transfer you to Chengdu airport and assist you to transfer all your baggages.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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