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Join in Group Hiking tour is now available at Scihuan Travel Guide. A group hiking tour to Minya Konka provides you excellent highland mountain views and nomads Tibetan people with affordable price. Come and join us on this hiking to explore the accessible Tibet in 9 days in a group.

What you can expect

Day 1 Chengdu - Kangding

You will be briefed on your hiking tour to Minya Konka in details the former night before you go. And today is a driving day. Start from Chengdu in the morning from your hotel and drive for about 8 hours from the Chengdu plain into the mountains. Arrive in Kangding in the afternoon and acclimatize yourself. Walk around in Kangding, the biggest Tibetan town in Kham.

Day 2 Kangding - Jiazela Hiking (12km, approx 6 hours)

Start by a short car drive to the valley south to the town of Kangding before start your hiking. First on hiking, easy and slow from about 3600m to 3900m. Trail winds in the forest and passes groups of pasturing yaks. Huge rock faces and all year round snow capped peaks that are above 5000m can be seen on this day. Camp by a river in an open pasture by the foot of Little Gongga.

Day 3 Jiazela - Upper Riwuqie Hiking (10km, approx 5 hours)

Hike from 3900m to pass more pastures and arrive at 4100m at another pasture. Big mountains on your left and rock faces on your right. Trail underfoot becomes less comfortable while you have more open views. Campsite is close to a glacier by the foot of Leiduomanyin. This is a windy campsite and the highest of all.

Day 4 Upper Riwuqie - Reddomaine Camp Hiking (10km, approx 7 hours)

A difficult day starts by walking up to the 4800m pass. Necessary breaks while walking to catch your breath or taking pictures. A panoramic view by the top of the Riwuqie pass where you can see great views of the mountains in Gonggashan. After the pass, walk down to REddomaine Camp descending for about 1000m. Guided hiking recommended for this day.

Day 5 Reddomaine Camp - Winter Ranch Hiking (15km, approx 6 hours)

Descend for 300m in 15km. One full day walking in the lush Moxi valley. River-crossing involved. Arrive by Winter Ranch at around 3600m and camp for overnight.

Day 6 Winter Ranch - Gongga Gompa Hiking (12km, approx 5 hours)

Continue walk to the south and make a U turn to the Gongga Gompa. There is only one monk living here. Overnight by the basic guesthouses at the Gompa.

Day 7 Gongga Gompa - Shangmuju Village Hiking (5km, approx 2 hours)

A late start today after a little walk around the Gompa and watch the sunrise by the Gompa. Gongga Gompa provides one of the best locations to have a full view the peak of Gonggashan. The walking starts by the Gompa and retrace a little before walk to the local Tibetan Tsemed village where you catch your car to drive to Shangmuju, another Tibetan village for guestroom overnight, en route stop by Tsemed Pass to have a final view of Gonggashan.

Day 08 Shangmuju Village - Kangding (10km, approx 4 hours)

Drive from Shangmuju to Kangding, visit Xinduqiao and Zheduo Pass. Overnight in Kangding, nice shower and a relaxing day. Time to explore Kangding.

Day 9 Kangding - Chengdu

One full day drive back to Chengdu. Gonggashan Hiking ends.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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