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Ganden Monastery is the first monastery of the Gelugpa sect in Tibetan Buddhism. Together with Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery, they make up the three great Gelugpa university monasteries. Ganden Monastery holds high status among all Tibetan monasteries because of its close relationship to Gelugpa founder Tsongkhapa. Built on the elephant-shape mountain in the northeast of the Dagze county, the monastery houses several assembly hall in addition to monastic colleges. In 1410, Tsongkhapa set up Ganden Monastery, which symbolized the formation of Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. He also became the first abbot of Ganden and later passed way there. At its peak, the monastery was home to more than 5000 monks. Today, Ganden Monastery is a precious cultural heritage site that attracts many international guests every day. Our Ganden Monastery day tour is a wonderful opportunity for you to have an in-depth exploration of this important religious venue!

What you can expect

Our local Tibetan English tour guide and driver will pick you up from Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel parking lot on Beijing East Road in the historic center. If you have a special request for meetup location we can happily accommodate that as well. We will then drive 60km to arrive at Ganden Monastery.

At the monastery, we will trek around and see the main site Serdung, which houses the tomb of Tsongkhapa. The largest assembly spot is the Lagyi Hall. It has 3 storeys and can contain 3000 people. You will tour Tsongkhapa's bedroom and see his personal items on display in the Chitokang Hall. We then visit the many spectacular meditation caves and statues of religious figures. You will now find the beautiful Lhasa valley under your feet. You will also have a chance to hike outside the monastery to see Buddhist scriptures carved on the rock.

After our time at Ganden Monastery, we will drive back to Lhasa and see you off in the historic center. We wish you the best on your further journey. If you had a great time with us, we welcome you to check out more Tibetan culture tours that we offer.

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