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Have you ever thought about exploring western Sichuan? Do you want to discover the unique images of Kham? Come and join us in the 10-day Tibetan Kham Mountain Tour. Our professional tour guide will lead you through the splendid journey.

Firstly, we will set off in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. Then it takes around one day to drive to Dartsedo (Kangding). Historically, Kangding is on the border between Tibet and China, so Kangding is an important Tibetan eastern gateway. Before you go further into Tibetan plateau, we recommend you explore Kangding and its surrounding places deeply. There, you’ll find a totally different image of “the land of snow”. Besides, this tour can largely smooth the process of adjusting the high-altitude sickness.

Next, this tour will proceed to Gyula. For your information, Gyula is also an important geographical dividing line, West, Plateau Uplift zone, the Yalong River and right for the Alpine valleys. The trailhead is a five-hour drive at the Sergyalgo monastery.

For the next few days, we will trek an average of six to seven hours daily to circumambulate this sanctuary. Additionally, we will walk across the nomadic grassing land. To be more specific, we’ll visit nomad’s home, a black tent by our camp side, drink some Tibetan butter as well. It is connected to the southwest of Lhagong grasslands, Southeast contacted with Mugetsok, northeast Yukog grassland, east Rongdra, north Tawu, south Dartsedo county.

Tour Details of Tibetan Kham Mountain Adventure

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu
Pick up from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02: Chengdu – Dartsedo (Kangding) (328kms – 2560m).
View spot: Jasamkha chain bridge and Dartsedo Lulu street.

Day 03: Dartsedo – Sergyalgo (kms – m).
View spot: Gyula pass, Minyang Gongkar, Lhagong monastery and Peace monastery.

Day 04: Sergyalgo – Nyamthak Zhargong La (kms – m).
View spot: Trekking and Sayi Tsokha.

Day 05: Nyamthak Zhargong La – Tsachukha (kms – m).
View spot: Trekking, nomadic lifestyle and view of Shagtra Lhatse.

Day 06: Tsachukha – Shagtra Longba (kms – m).
View spot: Trekking, Natural forest and Yultso lake.

Day 07: Shagtra Longba – Rongdra (km – m).
View spot: Sort trekking, Jasam village and old towers.

Day 08: Rongdra – Mt. Kulha Gongyal (kms – m).
View spot: Mountain Kulha Gongyal

Day 09: Kulha Gongyal – Chengdu (kms – m).
View spot: Wenching earthquake area.

Day 10: End of the Tour
The last day of your trip, transfer you to airport to catch flight for your next destination city.


What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu.

Pick up and transfer to your hotel, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, is one of the densely populated areas in China and famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateways to Eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains along the up reaches valleys of the Yangtze and Gayalrong river.

Day 02: Chengdu - Dartsedo (Kangding) (328kms - 2560m)

Today we continuous drive through the Sichuan-Tibet high way, the road between Chengdu and Dartsedo is quite narrow and heave vehicle road. Visit Jasamkha chain bridge, across the Gyalrong river and continuous drive by the Gyalrong river  around 10 kilometers, drive upload in a deep valley to Dartsedo, is former kingdom of Chalak Gyalbo and traditionally very important economical town for Khampa caravan trade road. Today Dartsedo is the capital seat of Kangtze Tibetan Autonomous and centre for economic, cultural, political. After arrival, check in and walk around lulu street, where  have many coffee shops, bars and handcraft gift shops, some coffee shops there running by westerners.

Day 03: Dartsedo - Lhagong - Sergyalgo (kms - m)

After breakfast, we drive north of Dartsedo, on the way stop for beautiful sceneries, Gyula pass standing over 4270 meters above sea level, if the weather permitted there you see the highest snow coped mountain in eastern Tibet, Minyang Gongkar 7556 meters, Visit Lhagong monastery and grassland. After visiting Lhagong, drive to our camp site, where is trekking beginning trail. Our chef and other staffs will be serviced a delicious dinner and drinks.

Day 04: Sergyalgo -  Sayi Tsokha - Shagtra Latsa (kms - m)

After finished breakfast, we going to start our trekking, today we easily trek 4-5 hours, all the camping equipments will be lotted on horses and yaks by Tibet Explorer’s staffs, you need to carry only your small bag pack with camera, page lunch and water bottle. When our staffs lotting the baggages, we start to trek slowly upload  with our tour guide, the staffs walk very fast, they will be passed us on the way and they continuous going setup the next camp. On the half way we will looking for a comfortable place for lunch. When arrival at camp site the hot coffee and Indian sweet tea are waiting for you.

Day 05: Nyamthak Zhargong La - Tsachukha (kms - m)

Drink cup of morning call tea and enjoy the morning sun rising view of Lhagong grassland, before going to have you breakfast. Every morning the breakfast is not served repeatedly but the butter, cheese, coffee , fruit and peanut jams are always available on your table. Today’s trail is quite upslope, on the pass you can see the mountain Shagtra Lhatse, its just standing in front of you. After the pass, we continuous descend through the local nomadic summer camp site and you see camp site far away. At Tsachukha you can have a comfortable bath, there have some good nature hot spring pools.

Day 06: Tsachukha - Shagtra Longba (kms - m)

Toady we continuous downwardly trek through the very impressive forests in Shagtra valley, unfortunately some of them chopped by the locals for building houses and firewood but the good news today prohibited cutting trees without permission from forest department. Today our chef will be cooked some noodle soups at camp site before they settle up tents. After lunch we going to explore the lake Shagtra Yutso and they going settle up the camp site. Tonight we would make some barbecued and drink wine and beers.

Day 07: Shagtra Longba - Rongdra (km - m)

Toady we trek around 2 hours to get on the road where our vehicles  waiting for us, here we be apart with our some of staffs, chef and horsemen. Drive to Rongdra and explore around Jasam natural village and old towers heritage.

Day 08: Rongdra - Mountan Kulha Gongyal (kms - m)

Today we across the Gyalrong river and continuous drive through the north Tibet highway. After arrival, we going to explore the Mountain Kulha Gongyal, it have four peaks so in Chinese they call it four sisters mountain. Mountain Kulha Gongyal is established as a national park in 1994 and declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2006, in the Chinese named it Four Sisters Mountain is famous among Chinese tourists as one of the most impressive natural areas of the entire country. At a magnificent 6250m the fourth peak, comes in as the second-highest peak in all of Sìchuān province. We will be taken a short hiking upslope to Mt. Kulha Gongyal valley, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Day 09: Kulha Gongyal - Chengdu (kms - m)

Today we continuous drive through the north Tibet highway. Before arrival in Chengdu, we going to explore the Wencheng earthquake area.  After arrival in Chengdu, transfer to hotel and dinner going to taste the famous Sichuan hotpot or Tibetan restaurant.

Day 10: End of the Tour

Today is last day, your guide and driver transfer you to airport to catch flight for your next destination city.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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