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Lhasa, the perennially sunny capital city of Tibet, has so much to offer to its visitors. Our professional Tibetan biking guides and tour advisors have worked together to design this unique 1 Day Lhasa Biking Tour for you. We especially aspire to present our customers the best Lhasa cultural experience. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to combine several famous attractions outside Lhasa on this tour. Join us on this tour for the upcoming travel season.

There are three routes you can choose for your tour. Please kindly let us know your preference when you make your booking.

Lhasa Biking Tour options:

1) Lhasa-Naking Mountain Pass-Drak Yerpa Monastery-Taktse County-Lhasa

Route: Lhasa-the end of Najin Rd—climb & downhill (Mt. Najin), pass by Drak Yerpa Hermitage, Meditation Caves-Taktse bridge-Taktse county-Sang’e temple & old castle–Lhasa bridge—Lhasa

Time Arrangement: Lhasa—Taktse Bridge—Sang’e temple & old castle (visit & climb the MT.) Lhasa Bridge 9:10am (leaving) — (riding to and visit Drak Yerpa and farmers fields nearby) —-1:30pm (lunch box) ——- (2:30pm—tour in Taktse—-4:20pm) ——-riding back to Lhasa—7:30pm

Total distance: about 60km, (average speed: 12-15km/h)

2): Lhasa-Xiongbalaqu-Lhasa

Total distance: about 38-45km flat road, (average speed: 20-25km/h)

3): Lhasa-Taktse-Ganden Monastery-Lhasa (Level: Difficult)

Route: Lhasa–Taktse County (40km flat)—cycling (10km/uphill&offroad)-Ganden monastery (walk around & visit)- descending (10km)–cycling(10km)—Taktse Bridge-Lhasa

Time arrangement: Lhasa—–Taktse County—–Ganden monastery—-Lhasa
8:30 am (leaving) —–around 11am in Taktse— (12:30 pm—–2:30pm Ganden Monastery) —4:30pm—-Lhasa—7pm

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Service Details

Price includes:

  • Mountain Bike or similar type, other biking gear including helmet, gloves, leg protection, etc
  • Local Tibetan biking guide
  • Entrance fees for the attractions
Service not included:
  • All other personal expenses incurred on your tour, including food and drinks, gratuities, etc.