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Tibet has its own rich cuisine. Because of the relatively harsh natural environment that people there live in, they tend to consume food high in energy to keep themselves warm and function well. Cooking with water in Tibet is difficult because the altitude changes the boiling point of water. Vegetables are also very scarce. All these have made Tibetan cuisine very special. You will find that the ingredients, cooking methods and dining etiquettes vastly different from anywhere in the world. Our Lhasa Food Tasting tour will take you on a journey to discover this great aspect of Tibetan culture.

Your local English speaking Tibetan guide will lead you into the best restaurants, teahouses and family kitchens in Lhasa. You will enjoy yak butter tea with local Tibetans and taste authentic Tibetan food. It is a tour not just for the foodies, but also for any traveler who wishes to genuinely explore what the locals have to offer.

What you can expect

Our Tibetan tour guide will pick you up from the hotel at 9am and take you to Guangming Gangqiong Tea House. You will have a relaxing time and also experience the lifestyle of local Tibetans. Afterwards, we will go to Tibetan Family Kitchen for lunch. There you can try out different Tibetan dishes and learn about some recipes. After you finish the lunch, you can walk around Barkhor Streets. Our tour guide will drop you off at your hotel after the tour.

Guangming Gangqiong Tea House

Guangming Gang Qiong Tea House is a highly recommend tea house in Tibet. Local people and tourists alike come here to relax and enjoy the delicious warm butter tea. You will be given an empty cup and the waiter will refill your cup constantly. It is an important venue among Tibetans for socialization. The butter tea is very cheap, only 0.7 yuan per cup. Besides the tea, you can also try the soup noodle, which has spicy pork and yak meat in it.

Tibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen is deeply loved by foreign tourists. It is the No.1 ranked restaurant on Tripadvisor in Lhasa. Located on No.1 Danjielin Road, the restaurant is owned by a Tibetan family with lovely kids. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very friendly and cozy. They also offer cooking classes. The restaurant is vegetarian friendly. The most popular vegetarian dishes are the vegetarian soup and the vegetarian momos. For meat lovers, you can try the fried yak noodles with yak butter or ginger lemon tea.

Available departures

This tour is available every day.
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Service Details

Price includes:

  • Two Tibetan meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • Local Tibetan guide
Service not included:
  • All other personal expenses incurred on your tour, such as gratuities, etc.