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Namtso Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and also the biggest among them. Its name means “Heavenly Lake”. At a high altitude of 4720m, Namtso Lake strikes every traveler who has a glance of its appearance with otherworldly beauty. People regard the crystal clear blue water as a symbol for the purity and solemnness of Tibetan nature. Our Namtso Lake day tour brings you to witness this natural wonder you should not miss on your Tibetan trip.

Our Namtso Lake day tour covers a total of 500km beautiful Tibetan landscape during the round trip. It will be a quite busy day for you, since the entire trip will take 12-13 hours and you will spend most of the time traveling by car. However, we will definitely leave you enough time at the lake bank. You can take pictures, hike around, or simply relax by the water and take in the stunning views. Namtso Lake day tour will give you the memory of a lifetime.

What you can expect

We will leave Lhasa early in the morning around 7:30 am. Our local Tibetan English tour guide and driver will pick you up from Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel parking lot on Beijing East Road in the historic center. If you have a special request for meetup location we can happily accommodate that as well.

It will take us 5-6 hours to reach Namtso Lake. There are several activities we can do on our way there. You will enjoy the landscape of the grand Tibetan Plateau and see the living habitat of rural Tibetans. In summertime, if there is nomad tent available, we can even spend a short time with locals living inside. We arrive at Namtso Lake around noon. After lunch, you will have 2 hours of leisure time by the lake.

We will then head back to Lhasa. We will be back in Lhasa around 7:30 pm.

Available departures

This tour is available every day.
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  • Local Tibetan English speaking tour guide
  • Personalized transportation to Namtso Lake

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  • All other personal expenses incurred on your tour