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Lhagong grassland, also known as Tagong grassland, is on the north of Sichuan province. With Sichuan-Tibet Highway passing through, it’s very convenient to get there. And driving is another good option. Backing against the famous Haizi Shan Mountain, Tagong Grassland possesses flat terrain, plenty water and lush grass and groups of flocks and herds, within which there are such spots as Tagong Temple, Muya Gold Tower and Yala Snow Mountain, etc.

Therefore, travelers can feast their eyes with snow-mountains, alpine lakes, grassland, nomadic lifestyle, the monastery and the dense forest. In addition, it’s also a heaven for photographers. Stop whenever you want and take a snapshot of the stunning view.

Tour Details of Kham Trekking Tagong Grassland

Day 01: Arrive at Chengdu.
Pick from airport and check-in, verify itinerary with guide and driver, check equipment

Day 02: Chengdu-Dartsedo
View spot: Jagsamkha chain bridge.

Day 03: Dartsedo- Lhagong
View spot: Lhagong monastery and Lhagong grassland.

Day 04: Lhagong. Trekking 6-7 hours pass the Lhagong meadows.

Day 05: Lhagong – Muge Lake
View spot: Trekking 6-8 hours and comping.

Day 06: Muge Lake – Hailuogu
View spot: Trekking 2-3 hours and views Muge Lake.

Day 07: Muge Lake – Hailuogu
View spot Gongkar glacial

Day 08: Hailuogu (Moxi) to – Chengdu
Pass through towns, transfer to hotel.

Day 09: End the trip
The last day of your tour, transfer to airport

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu

Travel from somewhere to Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan which is appraised as the Kingdom of Abundance and the best city to live in China. Time permits, spend some time to walk around to explore the city.

Day 02: Chengdu - Dartsedo (Ch Kangding)

Depart for Datsedo in the early morning we drive through the west Sichuan plain dotted with villages and fertile green fields then pass through Erlangshan tunnel.  We will pay a short visit for Jagsamkha the Iron Chain Bridge,which was built originally in the year of 1706 ,its once very important bridge to east Tibet. Dartsedo was once the capital of the powerful Chakla kingdom and has been an important stop on the trade route to Lhasa. Today Dartsedo is economic, cultural and political center for Kangze Tibetan Autonomous region. Its good to walk around in the Lulu street where are many bars, handcraft shops and coffee shops.

Day 03: Dartsedo - Lhagong

Today drive pass through the pass Gyula 4296 meters high, if the weather is clear you can see the mount Minyag Gongkar. A short lunch break in Ranyagkha will offer you the fantastic view of the "paradise of the photographers". Moving on and get off at Lhongong Town. There are Lhagong Grassland, Lhagong Monastery, Lhagong Choeten (Stupa), view of mountain Shagtra Lhatse, Lhagong Buddhism College etc around.

The Lhagong Grasslands is a vast expanse of green meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dotted with Tibetan herdsmen and tents. The Lhagong nomadic small town is a vibrant Tibetan community where you can get a taste of Tibetan plateau.

Day 04: Lhagong, Trekking and Camping.

Trekking over the Lhagong grassland, which is dotted with colorful wild flowers, flocks of sheep and yaks. Trek for about 25km and overnight in Camp.

Day 05: Lhagong - Mugetso, Trekking and Camping

Continue trekking on the grassland to Mugetso Lake, one of the highest lakes in northwestern Sichuan, at 3700m. Local also boast that it's one of the most beautiful lakes. Enjoy the sunset if weather permits. Camp in the forest for another night.

Day 06: Mugetso - Hailuogou

Trails around the Mugetso lead to some other smaller lakes such as the Red Sea and Seven Color Lake. Mugetso Lake is such a popular destination that they have made the area into a park, complete with ticket sellers at the entrance, it's still worth it. The diversified vegetation on the different latitude presents another type of landscape.

Hitchhike on the road to Hailuogou. Located on the eastern side of Minya Gongkar, Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park is the biggest glacier park in China, famous for its low altitude modern glaciers, which are rarely found either in low-latitude places or at low altitude. Its lowest point is only 2,850 meters above sea level. The park boasts many geographic attractions, including glaciers, grand glacier cascade, virgin forests, wild animals and hot springs, etc.

Day 07: Sightseeing in Hailuogou 

Weather permits, get up early to welcome the sunrise over Minya Gongkar, the highest mountain in Sichuan. Spend more time to explore the park and Moxi Town. Overnight at Moxi.

Moxi is the gateway to Hailuogou Glacier Park. 50km southwest of Luding, the one street town is peacefully nestled in the mountains. The most distinctive local building is the Catholic church that dates back to 1920 and is easy to spot with its cross and blue and yellow bell tower.

Day 08: Hailuogou (Moxi) - Chengdu

Today we drive back to Chengdu pass through some small towns when we coming. Transfer to hotel and free time

Day 09: End of your tour.

Your guide and driver transfer you airport

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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