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Welcome to explore the dynamic Yunnan and Western Sichuan! We’ve selected an excellent 15-day Lugu Lake Yading Trek Tour for our customers. On this tour you will have the freedom to discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage in this region. Not only do we offer you the outline of the 15-day tour, but also give you the authentic details of it. Check out more information below!

Known as the ancient center of the Naxi Kingdom and a world heritage site, Lijiang is the beginning point of our tour. The highlights of this old city lie in the colorful minority culture and classic architecture. Here, visitors will enjoy Naxi music and visit quaint gardens. As a result of the mixing of different brilliant cultures, Lijiang old city offers a wide range of attractions and activities for foreign travelers to enjoy.

Visit Mu Family Residence, Discover Dongba Museum, Cycle in the Old Town, Shop along the Square Street, Enjoy Naxi traditional food, etc. For your information, even though the tour can be customized by customers’ preference, it may still depend on the local travel guides’ arrangement. However, we do believe this portion of trip is best for both relaxation and renewal.

As the home of Mosuo people, Lugu Lake is over 2600 meters high. Additionally, the even higher altitude site of Yading are key points along the ancient Tea-Horse trade route. Thus, you will not only enjoy the splendid scenery of Lugu Lake and the primeval forests but also visit a number of ethnic minority villages and settlements of the Mosuo, Yi, and Pumi people.

Moreover, the landscape along the journey remains extremely pure and serene. As for other travel products, we also provide customers with reputable accommodation and convenient transportation. To be specific, we will provide most comfortable transportation, explore local specialties, arrange best hotels and exclusive service for individuals to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Above all, we hope you enjoy the 15-day Lugu Lake Yading Trek Tour with our local professional guide. Should you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] !

Tour Details of Lugu Lake Yading Trek

1st day : Arrival in Lijiang
Pick from Lijiang airport and transfer to your hotel in old town

2nd day: Lijiang – Lugu Lake
View spot: Lugu Lake and Mosuo traditional cycling dance.

3rd day: Lugu Lake – Lijiazui Village
View spot: Trekking and Camping (4 hrs)

4th day: Lijiazui Village – Khongra (Yak-shed)
View spot: Trekking and Camping (7 hrs)

5th day: Khongra – Khmer Pasture
Trekking and Camping, Mani stones and prayer flags (7 hrs)

6th day: Khaer Pasture – Choer Meadow
View spot: Trekking and Camping, Mt. pass and large forests (5 hrs)

7th day: Choer Meadow – Chonying Village.
View spot: Trekking and Camping, (8 hrs)

8th day: Chonying Village – Thongtian River.
View spot: Trekking and Camping (8 hrs)

9th day: Thongtian River – Tarkha (gold mine).
View spot: Trekking and Camping (7 hrs)

10th day: Tarkha – Galuo Pasture (4,400m).
View spot: Trekking and Camping (7 hrs)

11th day: Galuo Pasture – Chonggu Monastery.
Trekking and Camping (7 hrs)

12th day: Chonggu Monastery – Mountain Pass.
Trekking and Camping

13th day: Kasi Hut – Dalba (Daocheng).
Trekking and Camping (5 hrs)

14th day: Dapba – Chengdu
Take flight to Chengdu

15th day: End the tour
Day is the last day of your tour, transfer to airport

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Lijiang

After arrival at the Lijiang airport, one of Tibet Explorers representative will transfer you to your hotel. If your arrival be earlier today, you can visit around the old town of Lijiang, there are many comfortable coffee shops available.

Day 02: Lijiang - Lugu Lake

After finished your breakfast, we drive around 6 hours along a country road to Lugu Lake, is the highest lake in Yunnan province at an altitude of 2,690 meters and the home of Mosuo people.The remainder of the day is free to explore around the lake and visit traditional Mosuo people’s matriarchal society area. There is an option to take a short cruise on the local sampan on the lake or climb hills to enjoy a bird’s eyes view of Lugu Lake. After dinner we going to watch the Mosuo traditional dance at village center square, every night the locals be gathered there and perform their traditional cycle dance.

Day 03: Lugu Lake - Lijiazui Village, trek 4 hours

Before leaving, we will load our trekking equipment onto vehicle and drive about one and half hour to Yongning, where we will be met our horsemen group, we start our trekking when they lot our camping equipment on horses, they always walk very fast, pass us on the half way. The trail continues up to 3140m which is the highest point today, cutting through the pine forest, before we descend down to our campsite, a small village set in a valley surrounded with greenery.

Day 04: Lijiazui Village - Khongra (Yak-shed), trek 7 hours

After your replenish with breakfast, before heading back on the trail ascending through an undulating terrain of mixed virgin forest and grassland until reaching Wujiao Village, where we’ll rest with a simple lunch. In the afternoon, we continue our trek by the side of a stream and then climb over Bodhisattva Mountain to arrive at Khongra (yak- shed), a flat grassland where will be our camp site.

Day 05: Khongra  - Khaer Pasture, trek 7 hours 

Today’s trekking is mostly upslope in forests, getting more difficult as the altitude increases. Accompanied by the sound of tinkling stream from nowhere, we follow the trail uphill into the forest and pass through a terrible leech zone, and are greeted by typical Tibetan views of yaks, Mani stones and prayer flags. The best view is gained after the steep ascent of the Dakeguduo Pass at an elevation of 4200 meters, where we enjoy a panoramic view of the vast forest and hidden villages and trails we have covered the previous days. Following the rule that everything that goes up must come down, the remainder of the day is the descent to our campsite Khaer Pasture. It is at the junction of two small streams, surrounded by lush bushes and dotted with wooden houses erected by local herdsmen as shelter.

Day 06: Khaer Pasture - Choer Meadow, trek 5 hours 

There are always very peaceful and incurable views, sometime the weather changes dramatically at this high altitude areas therefore a sudden snowfall or rainfall is possible. This trekking adventure starts off with a strenuous ascent traversing the mountain ridge to Choer Mountain Pass (4,300m). En route, a large number of Mani stones stand like patron saints to bless everyone travelling through this area. After the pass, we’ll be rewarded with stunning view of glaring valley, with meadow in the bottom and forests on both sides. On the northern slope of Mount Choer, in the autumn, it is like an exquisite carpet spreading from the top of Queer Mountain down into the valley, with bright yellow, deep red, dark green trees and bushes. In the spring, it is a world of wild flowers. Down into the valley, we will find a meadow for camping.

Day 07: Choer Meadow - Chonying Village, trek 8 hours 

After having breakfast head out for a full day of trekking. The trek starts with an uphill to Tars Pass at an altitude of 3,900m. We continue trekking down into the Tars Valley before entering a dense primitive forest. We’ll take a break on a meadow in the forest and indulge ourselves into the amazing scenery of the fairyland-like place: a clear stream winding through the meadow, golden pine forest against the backdrop of endless mountains, and in a distance a snow-capped peak soaring into the dark-blue sky. The trail then leads us into the village of Chonying (about 3,000m). It is a picturesque Tibetan village inhabited by a dozen households who make a living on herding from generation to generation. Tibetan-style houses scattering on the gentle hills, clear stream running below wooden bridge, yaks and horses grazing leisurely, and several Mani stones standing on the green grassland, all of these make it a dream-like idyllic world. We camp on a large open grass by a stream.

Day 08: Chonying Village - Thongtian River, trek 8 hours 

After breaking down our tents, we are on the trail again. We scramble, through dense jungle where tall trees and hanging moss are everywhere, to the summit of Chonying Mountain Pass (4,100m) with commanding views over the surrounding forest, lush valley and cloud–capped mountains. After the demanding climb of 1,000 meters elevation gain, we take the downhill trekking following the zigzag rubble trail to Ladu Tibetan Village and then the Thongtian River, passing by farm terrace patches as well as some old watching towers. We set up out tents by the river with good view of rocky mountains.

Day 09: Thongtian River - Tarkha  (gold mine), trek 7 hours

In the morning, we put on our backpacks and set off on the trail. The trekking is a bit challenging as we balance our weight on the edges of the small trail on the steep mountainside. Then we walk down and follow Shuiluo River Valley, passing by a primary school and a number of Mani stones in Dongla Village, and Tibetan houses with white roofs covered by dried cereal in Dalu Village, as well as some watching towers ruins. After lunch, we continue our trek towards Tarkha, which used to be a lush gold mine years ago. After strenuous ascent and descent, we are refreshed with a stream named the Chukar river(White Water), which comes from one of three scared mountains in Yading - Chanadorje (Vajrapani). We refuel with this clear and sweet water, and expect the amazing scenery of its source.

Day 10: Tarkha - Galuo Pasture (4,400m), trek 7 hours

We start our trekking after breakfast. From Gold Mine, we go further into the valley of the White Water River. A vigorous walk brings us to Galuo Village, with an elevation gain of 600m. The snow-capped summit of the scared mountain Chanadorje behind the nearby peaks stands faintly visible, giving us motivation to go ahead. We continue up the trail until reaching the Galuo Pass, through the thick forest and small meadow dotted with lots of rhododendron. Here, we’ll get the first sight of the Chanadorje Mountain (5,958m) and enjoy the panoramic views of our dramatic surroundings. We then take another 3-hour descent along the undulating trail to reach our campsite Galuo Pasture (4,400m) where we gaze upon the breathtaking sight of mountains as far as the eye can see. Upon the green grassland, the rocky mountains of snow and ice raise up into clouds against the background of the blue sky. We enjoy our dinner with the fabulous view of the mountains.

Day 11: Galuo Pasture - Chonggu Monastery, trek 7 hours

We wake in the beautiful surroundings and set off to climb the 4,800 meters Chanagdorjee Pass. The rewards are the stunning views of snow-capped Chenresig (Avalokiteshvara) Peak (6,032m) from east and the valley down in the Yading Reserve. There are fabulous photo opportunities here to capture the grandeur of nature. After the pass to Chonggu Monastery, it is all the way down passing through peaceful forest and rustling streams. We kick up clouds of dust as we slip and slide down the steep slopes into the valley. In the valley, the clear winding stream against the background of the snowy mountains is just like a painting. And then we arrive at Chonggu Monastery (Tsonggo Gonba), which is the place Joseph Rock called "Bandit Monastery". This small monastery is nearly 800 years old and sits at the base of Mt. Chenresig’s north face. Mt. Chenresig is the highest mountain in the reserve rising to 6032 meters. Set up camp on the grassland below the temple.

Day 12: Chonggu Monastery  - Five-color Lake (4,530m) – Mountain Pass

After breakfast it’s on to our next destination. We'll firstly hoof up along a paved road that goes through a forested area following Mt. Chenresig’s east face before arriving at the wide open Luorong Pasture. It lies at an elevation of 4100 meters and offers an amazing view of all 3 holy mountains. On the right side is Mt. Chenresig’s southeastern face. On the left side is Mt. Chanadorje’s northeastern face while Mt. Jambeyang’s north face dominates the front view from the grasslands. We then come to Milk Lake, which is a stunning glacier fed lake on the south end of Mt. Chenresig, just as white as milk owing to the white stones in the bottom of the lake. Above Milk Lake is another lake named Five-color Lake, which impresses us with the clear reflection of the snow-capped peaks. The trail then leads up to a pass between two mountains. The top offers an amazing view of the southwest face of Mt. Chenresig as well as a great view of Mt. Jambeyang. And there are piles of prayer stones that are draped in a large amount of prayer flags. We camp overnight in near Kasi Hut.

Day 13: Kasi Hut – Dalba (Daocheng), trek 5 hours

Today, we’ll explore the total wilderness of Yading Reserve to Kasi Gulley, more generally referred by local people and the Yading lovers the "Kasi Hell Valley". It is a narrow gulley west to the Yading Reserve stretching 13 km long to the Kasi Village at its deepest part 1000 meters, enclosuring odd-shaped rocks, raging flows, calcium lakes and the most primitive forest. Many of the rocks are described by local people metaphorically as guillotines, choppers and balance scales, something from the Hell. In the Tibetan legend or belief, people will have to walk through this gulley after their death and then towards the heaven. Therefore, one may say the heaven is the three Holy Mountains of Yading and the Hell is the Kasi Valley. When we walk out of the gulley is the Kasi Village where our private vehicle takes us back to Dalba for lodging overnight.

Day 14: Dalba – Chengdu

Today is last day in mountains, fly to Chengdu. (The Yading airport is scheduled to operate in July 2013 but if it is delayed, we will drive back to Chengdu).

Day 15: End the tour.

Your guide and driver will be transfer you to Shuangliu airport catch flight for your next destination city.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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