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Once you step into the sacred land of Tibet, you’ll be amazed by the natural wildness and simple folk style. This 11-14 day tour take you to Kham highland from Chengdu plain, of which the journey can be varied and adventurous. Welcome to explore this wonderland by joining this Tibet Kham Motorcycle!

High-speed Adventure towards Tibet Kham

Generally, this typical Kham motorcycle adventure tour mostly begins from Chengdu. However, it depends on your final itineraries and end in Chengdu in return as well. Specifically, we will pass through many traditional Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, high mountain passes, nomadic grasslands, Tibetan villages and small downtowns. Thus, you can have a full insight into the harmony between nature and human. Also, you’ll feast your eyes with a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural heritage. Honestly, the motorcycle and sidecar adventure tour is always very special for our clients.

Not only can customers go through all the terrific scenery, but also ride a motorbike and do this cool outdoor activity all the way to Kham. What an unforgettable travel experience!

Explore Tibet Kham by Motorcycling

For your information, we organize around 7 to 28 days including main spots according to your itinerary and mostly its starts and ends in Dartsedo (Ch. Kangding) or Chengdu as well. In total, this tour covers up about 2342km across the rocky terrains and roads and highways as well.

As for accommodation, we’ve selected several hotels that have prime location in relation to the places we’re visiting. However, In the smaller towns only more modest accommodations are available. We’ll try our best to make our customers stay in the best of the basics in these situations.

Above, we hope you can enjoy every minute in Kham. This innovative Tibet Kham Motorcycle Tour can definitely leave you impressive memory. Should you have any questions, please email us!

Tour Details of Tibet Kham Motorcycle

Note: this itinerary can be 11-14 days

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu.
Pick up from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02: Chengdu – Ya an (145kms – 580m).
View spot: explored around the Befengshak park.

Day 03: Yaan – Dartsedo (Kangding) (185kms – 2560m).
View spot: Jagsamkha iron chain bridge, Tibetan Thanka Art Center and Dartsedo Lulu street.

Day 04: Dartsedo – Lithang (290kms – 4120m).
View spot: Gyula pass, view of Minyang Gongkar and Ranyakha town.

Day 05: Lithang – Camp after Gaiyu (kms 210 – 3100m).
View spot: Lake, grasslands and nomadic lifestyle.

Day 06: Gaiyu village – Baiyul (260kms – 3260m).
View spot: Yagchen monastery.

Day 07: Baiyul – Derge (160kms – 3270m).
View spot: Yangtze river, Kathok monastery.

Day 08: Derge – Manigango – Kangze (203kms – 3500m).
View spot: Derge Parkhang, Trola Pass, Yulong Lhatso and Dargye Gonpa

Day 09: Kangze – Tawu (223kms – 2900m).
View spot: Kangze local street market and view Karsal Lake

Day 10: Tawu (2900m).
View spot: Nyitso Gonpa, Tawu old street , Namgyal Choeten and Holly hill Baziguru.

Day 11: Tawu – Bamei – Rongdra (163kms – 1860m).
View spot: Bamei earth forest and Jatsam village.

Day 12: Rongdra – Mountain Kulha Gongyal (124kms – 3760m).
View spot: Sokpo old tower heritage and Mountain Kulha Gongyal.

Day 13: Kulha Gongyal – Chengdu (223kms)
After breakfast, we take long day to ride to Chengdu

Day 14: End of your motorcycle adventure
Today is your last day, transfer to airport.

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu.

Pick up from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, is one of the densely populated areas in China and famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateway to explore the eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains along the up reaches valleys of the Yangtze and Gayalrong river.

Day 02: Chengdu - Ya an (145kms - 580m)

Today we gonna ride through on the old Sichuan-Tibet highway, passing by many cities, small towns and villages, on this road we will meet many Chinese individual cycling tourists from allover China. Yaan is traditionally very famous for tea products, during caravan time the 50% of tea for Tibetans are from Yaan. If time permitted we will be explored around Befengshak park.

Day 03: Yaan - Dartsedo (Kangding) (185kms - 2560m)

Today we gonna continuous ride along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, the road between Yaan and Dartsedo is quite narrow and heavy vehicles highway as well. So have to be careful by the way. Visit Jagsamkha chain bridge, across the Gyalrong river and continuous ride around 10km by the Gyalrong river. Dartsedo is former kingdom of Chalak Gyalbo and traditionally it’s very important town for Khampa caravan trade road. Today Dartsedo is the capital seat of Kangze Tibetan Autonomous region and centre for economic, cultural, political activities. After arrival, check in and walk around Lulu street, where there are lots of coffee shops, bars and handcraft gift shops, some coffee shops are running by westerners as well.

Day 04: Dartsedo - Lithang (290kms - 4120m)

Today we will continuous ride toward Lithang. On the way we will pass the Mountain Gyula (Zuduoshan) standing over 4,928 meters above sea level. Reach the top of the mountain if weather condition is permitted, you could see the mountain Minyang Gongkar, the highest mountain in the eastern Tibet, 7556 meters high. If you experience a drizzle day, you might see a beautiful rainbow hanging in the sky. Before getting Lithang, you will have to pass another three mountain passes, Mountain Gaoersi 4,412 meters, Jianziwan Mountain 4,659 meters and Kazila Mountain 4,718 meters. On the way we pass by local Tibetan nomadic lifestyle and see the black tent that is made up of Yak wool, arrive at the highest county of the world—Lithang. It enjoys an altitude of 4,120 meters. Stop for lunch at Nyagchukha, a small town located in a narrow valley.

Day 05: Lithang – Camp after Gaiyu (kms 210 - 3100m)

Ride through the Lithang,  grasslands are still the major scene. Tents are scattering, yaks are leisurely eating grass. After a ride on the long road, soon we gonna reach the Tsokhala pass (Haizi shan) (4,675m). What makes the picture more beautiful is the snow-caped mountain featuring the stunning background. After enter into the part of Bathing county, ride 30 minuets, apart the Sichuan-Tibet highway and we take countryside road to Gaiyu village.

Day 06: Gaiyu village - Yagchen Gar - Baiyul (260kms - 3260m)

Today we still riding through countryside road about 40 kilometers, after arrival in the mean road, continuous ride south eastern of Baiyul, 110 kilometers to Yagchen monastery, explore around the Yagchen Monastery, is a huge monastery with over ten thousands of monks and nuns, they have been practicing and living in this wide plateau monastery, they are more practicing in Buddhist meditation. After visiting we will return to Bay downtown and have a rest up there.

Day 07: Baiyul - Kathok monastery - Derge (160kms - 3270m)

After breakfast, we continuous ride along the Yangtze river, around 40 minutes we turn in a small valley road, it takes 50 kilomiters to Kathok monastery, is located on a beautiful hill top, is very impressive travel destination. After visiting, going back to the mean road and continuous ride along the Yangtze river to Derge. After arrival in Derge check in, going to walk around Derge Parkhang ( Traditional publishing centre ), there are dozen of Tibetan traditional chupa dressed people have been circumambulating at Derge Parkhang. When you see these people you may feel how important the religion belief is for them.

Day 08: Derge - Manigango - Kangze (203kms - 3500m)

Early in the morning visit Derge Parkhang, is traditionally one of the four largest and very important publishing centre for Tibet, today most of the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures are publishing still over there, you can watch how to use the traditional wooden printing equipments by labours, all the books and scriptures are printed by hands. After visiting, we ride south eastern on the Sichuan -Tibet highway, we continuous ride upslope to mountain Trola Pass 5050 meters, After the pass, the road descends through many bays and steep cliffs, sometimes where even in the summer covered with huge snow but its very impressive road as well. Visit the lake Yulong Lhatso, a stunning, holy alpine lake bordered by Chortens and dozens of colourful Buddhist mantra words craved on the rocks. The lake is backed by the huge glaciers of 6018 meters Trola peak and it’s possible to walk 1~2hrs up the left side of the lakeshore for glacier views. After exploring the Yulong Lhatso continuous way to Kangze county. On the way stop for a short time to visit Dargye monastery, located on a small hill top, surrounded by largely planted barley and other crop fields and poplar trees.

Day 09: Kangze - Tawu (223kms - 2900m)

After finished breakfast, we will walk a little bit around in the Kangze local opened market. Before start leaving, may we drink a cup of coffee or tea, today we pass by many beautiful natural villages, nomadic black tents and enjoy the view of Karsal Lake. Have a short visit the Rada nunnery to observe how the living condition of local Tibetan nuns. After dinner we going to take a bath in the local nature hot spring, its can be relieved the fatigue and relax the whole body muscle quickly for long distance riding.

Day 10: Tawu -  ( 2900m)

Today we going to visit Tawu Nyitso Monastery, a local famous Lama’s dagoba and going to explore the Tawu local traditional wooden houses and local street. Long time before there were only 80 family residences were used to live there before but nowadays there are more than 500 traditional Tawu Tibetan houses are available. After exploring the old street, we gonna go a cup Yak butter tea or coffee in the Old House Cafe which is just located in the old street. Visiting a  famous inheritor of Tibetan traditional herb and mud made mask, in his work shop he will be taught us how to make masks and give us a short speech on the traditional herb mask. Afternoon we going to Barziguru holly hill for a short hiking and enjoy whole view of Tawu downtown. We are going on a picnic party and make some outdoor barbecue.

Day 11: Tawu - Bamei - Rongdra (163kms - 1860m)

Early in the morning we gonna visit Nyamgyal Choeten, the highest stupa in the eastern Tibet. There are always large number of local aged people have been worshipping and turning big bronze praying wheels in their hand. After that we ride through beautiful villages and grasslands. Visit Bamei earth forest, arrival in Rongdra, check in hotel and going to explore the Jatsam natural village, Jetsam village is evaluated and the most beautiful village in China. Take a easy walk in the natural village, look around how their living condition and explore the local Gyalrong Tibetan traditional house and architectures as well.

Day 12: Rongdra - Mountain Kulha Riwo  (124kms - 3760m)

After breakfast we’ll going to visit the famous Sokpo Pugongding village, the natural heritage of old watching towers and old houses, there are most gathered towers in just one location.  After finished our visiting, we continuous ride eastern of Rongdra and across the Gyalrong river. Mountain Kulha Riwo is established as a national park in 1994 and declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2006, in the Chinese named it Four Sisters Mountain, is famous among Chinese tourists as one of the most impressive natural areas of the entire country. At a magnificent 6250m the fourth peak, comes in as the second-highest peak in all of Sìchuān province. We will be hike little bit, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery.

Day 13: Kulha Riwo - Chengdu  (223kms)

After breakfast, we take long day to ride to Chengdu. Arrival and check in hotel. After dinner we’ll going to a Tibetan traditional dance and singing performance bar for last day of our long distance motor bike adventure tour.

Day 14: End of  your motorcycle adventure tour

You are transfer to Chengdu airport to catch up your flight for your next destination. Your guide and driver assists you to transfer all your baggages and with this we gonna present you the traditional Tibetan scarf as symbol of farewell and happy journey.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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