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Expect to start an adventurous journey towards Tibet? Take this 10 day Tibet Kham Trekking Tour in Sichuan China. The highlight of this tour mainly lies in the Daofu Danba Deer Valley. Our professional local guide will lead you through this wonderland.

A Journey for Adventurous Heart & Curious Mind

Basically, the unique landscape on the Tibetan plateau offers grasslands, dense forests and rugged mountains with rare flora and fauna species. The majority of Tibetans in this area are farmers and nomads who have historically survived through farming of agriculture, herding of various animals and continue to do so today. In this case, you can sense the subtle and harmonious relationship through individual’s maintenance and responsibility with their natural environment once you step into the vast highland. Thus, you will experience a full insight into Tibetan culture and its’ ancestral roots of practicing daily needs.

Incredible Tibet Kham Trekking Experience with Local Guide

Trekking through the Tawu Rongdra Deer Valley area offers an incredible experience. Moreover, it is a lifetime adventurous remembrance which you can’t encounter elsewhere through our team. Besides, this tour will take you to explore the rich Tibetan culture. Tibetan regions, Traditonal Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the lifestyle of local Tibetan nomads and farmers. Furthermore, do a little challenge of river rafting in Tawu Shelchu River, adding more vitality to this journey.

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu
Pick up from airport and transfer to your hotel, check all the gears and prepare for your next few days trekking adventure.

Day 02: Chengdu – Kangding
View spot: Drive 6-7 hours, Jasamkha Chien bridge and Darted Lulu street.

Day 03: Kangding – Daofu
View spot: Minyak Gonchein, Shelchu River rafting and Natural hot springs.

Day 04: Daofu Old Town – Songsong Gon Grassland
View spot: Nyitso Gonba, Daofu old street and Trek 3:30 hours,

Day 05: Songsong Gon – Zalong Non
View spot: Trek 5:30 hours, natural landscape.

Day 06: Zalong Non – Natural Hot springs – Galshe Denpa Village
View spot: Trek 5:30 hours, natural hot springs and Gehsi Tenpa village.

Day 07: Khutso Lake
View spot: 7 hours to trek or take horse to the Lake and return back to village.

Day 08: Geshi Tenpa Village – Danba
View spot: Dasum village (three tigers village), Tumnong (Zhonglu) nature village.

Day 09: Danba – Chengdu
View spot: Sokpo Pugongding eating towers and via of Kulha mountain.

Day 10: End of the Tour
Today is last day of your trip with, your guide and driver transfer you to the airport and assist you to transfer.

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu

Pick up from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel where we will check all the gears and settles for your next few days trekking adventure. Arrived at Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is one of the densely populated areas in China and famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateway to Eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains along the up reach the valleys of the Yangtze River.

Day 02: Chengdu - Kangding

Today we will drive 6-7 hours toward northern part of Sichuan; along the way we will pass through small towns such as Yaan, Siyang and Thanchun. Siyang is the convenient meeting point where all Tibetan truck drivers can make contact for transporting goods. On the Sichuan-Tibetan highway we begin our adventure at Dartsedo, the former gateway to explore the eastern Tibet and a key loading station along the ancient tea caravan route. Until the mid-20th century, Dartsedo was the capital of the historic Chakla kingdom governed by a hereditary monarch. Nowadays Datsedo is the booming capital seat and the centre for economic and political activities of Kangze Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. After dinner we will take a sideview around in the Lulu street to explore the handcraft and coffee shops as well.

Day 03: Kangding – Daofu

After breakfast, we’ll drive through the north of Sichuan - Tibetan highway to Daofu Shelchu valley, on the way we take a short visiting the Lhagong Monastery and Minyak Gonchen. After arrival in Daofu down town we take two hours river rafting in the Shelchu River, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Shelchu River and Daofu Tibetan villages by the river side. After dinner we will take a bath in the local nature hot springs. It can relieve your fatigue and relax the whole body.

Day 04: Daofu Old Town - Songsong Gon Grassland (Trek 2:30hrs) (3870m)

In the morning, we’ll going to visit Nyitsok Gonpa and Daofu traditional old street. Daofu traditional houses are the most famous and beautiful examples of traditional architecture in Kham region. The outside is bright and colorful, using only the best materials. The main part of the structure is made from wood while the inside is full of wooden carvings and paintings. Some of these houses took five to seven years to complete. These
houses are shockproof, wind-proof, and well insulated, so they protect local people from flooding, earthquake and extreme temperatures.

After lunch, we will be transferred to our trekking start point where our horsemen wait for us. Today we will trek only two and half hours. Camp at Shakpo Latsa where a large meadow for local nomad’s summer animal gassing area is. There are many yaks and nomad families. We can visit one of nomad family and have some yak butter tea.

Day 05: Songsong Gon - Zalong Non (Trek 5:30 hrs) (3750m)

Early in the morning, you can take a cup of tea and look around the nomads milking yaks and feeding their cattle. After breakfast, our guide leads you slowly to start your trekking adventure. Our staffs always prepare pack lunch for your lunch. After arriving in the campsite, you can have some coffee or tea and enjoy the beautiful nature views and have a good relax.

Day 06: Zalong Non - Natural Hotspring - Galshe Denpa Village (Trek 4:30hrs) (3300m)

Today we trek pass through by the local nomad’s summer animal farming area. In the summer they bring all their yaks and sheep to higher place and in the winter going to warmer place. Before arrival in Geshi Tenpa village we have a bath in the nature hot springs for relieving the fatigue and relax your body. Many locals come to treat their illness such as rheumatism, puerperium and fracture etc. In the Geshi Tenpa village we can sleep in the village guesthouse where there is a small coffee shop. We enjoy the famous local ham for dinner and have a good rest.

Day 07: Khutso Lake 7 hrs Trekking

Today we move to the lake. You can ride a horse or trek. The Khutso Lake is surrounded by dozens of high mountains above 5000 meters, and the altitude of the lake itself is 4200 meters. Starting from the village, we pass through the forests, rocky trails and sometimes swamp clouds. We stay overnight in a small village.

Day 08: Geshi Tenpa Village - Danba

Early in the morning, we have breakfast and drive to Danba. On the way we stop to visit Dasum village (three tigers village). After lunch we walk around in the stunning Tumnong (Zhonglu) nature village and explore the old watching towers. We will stay in village hotel in the Tumnong village. Danba was renowned as the “ancient country of thousands of watchtowers”. It is a feast for the eyes. Built with clay and stone, the watchtowers are solid lofty columns with four, six, or even thirteen margins on the cross section. These towers, with a height ranging from 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters), have been established for more than 500 years. Initially, they were used for exorcising demons. Later, they were used to defend villagers from enemies.

Day 09: Danba - Chengdu

Today we wake up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise. After breakfast we’ll visit Sokpo Pugongding village. We return to Chengdu and stop on the way to see Mt. Siguniang. After dinner we’ll watch a Tibetan traditional dance and singing performance.

Day 10: End of the Tour

Your guide and driver will transfer you to the airport and conclude the wonderful trip.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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