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Welcome to join the popular Tibetan Kham Trekking Tours. We highly recommend this 10-12-day Tibet Kham Trekking Mukrong Yati Valley, which aims for trekking dreamers. Not only can you closely contact with nature via our colorful arrangements, but also receive considerate customer service from us.

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In fact, Kham is a historical region covering a land area of Tibet, Sichuan with a small proportion of Yunnan and Qinghai. Besides, Kham has a rugged terrain characterized by mountain ridges and gorges running from northwest to southeast. It is known as the Hengduan Mountains.

Numerous rivers, including the Mekong, Yangtze, Yalong River, and the Salween River flow through Kham. Thus, the natural scenery in Kham is so magnificent, holding lots of natural wonders. For trekking lovers, it’s a dream place to explore.

To be more specific, the breathtaking landscape of Tibet’s high plateau offers great opportunities for many trekking dreamers at any ability level with varying interests. One can hike majestic towering mountains, circling around sacred lakes. Also, visiting holy sets of monasteries, riding horses as well as yaks across the vast grasslands and trekking through natural parks. Therefore, Tibet offers a great deal of adventures for everyone!

We recommend trekking in Eastern Tibet in particularly the area of “Mukrong which is known as the “Hidden Shangri-la”. Basically, the valley symbolizes a living paradise, which lies in the eastern region Kham. Additionally, it offers a few of the virgin trekking routes in Tibet, which are accessible for all skill levels.

Above all, we hope you may find  this Tibetan Kham Trekking Travel Guide helpful. And you can have a look at the various tours listed below. Should you have any questions, please email us!

Tour Details of Daily Arrangement

Special tailored trek itinerary 10 – 12 days

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu
Pick from Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02: Chengdu – Rongdra (Danba).
View spot: Rongdra Jagtsam natural village and old tower heritages.

Day 03: Rongdra – Tawu.
View spot: Nyimtso Gongba and Tawu old street.

Day 04: Tawu – Mukrong.
View spot: Shelchu river, Mukrong valley and Karchoe monastery.

Day 05: Saleb – Kukuqara.
View spot: Trekking and Camping

Day 06: Kukuqara – Thame valley.
View spot: Trekking and Camping and explore to home of Yeti.

Day 07: Thame to Zamar-Rike.
View spot: Excursion the legendary mystery valley

Day 08: Excursion nomadic areas.
View spot: Trekking and Exploring
Day 09: Zamar-Riked – Rabgong monastery.
View spot: Visit Rabgong monastery, Trekking and Camping.

Day 10: Drive to Dartsedo.
View spot: Lhagong monastery and Gyula pass.

Day 11: Dartsedo – Chengdu.
View spot: Jagsamkha iron chain bridge.

Day 12: End of your tour.
The last day, transfer to airport to catch flight for your next destination.

What you can expect

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu.

Pick up and transfer to your hotel, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, is one of the densely populated areas in China and famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateways to Eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains along the up reaches valleys of the Yangtze. After check in hotel, verify itinerary with guide and driver and the last check your necessity stuffs for your tour.

Day 02: Chengdu - Rongdra (Ch Danba) 

Rongdra is a small town situated in a steep valley at the confluence of several rushing rivers. It is a popular tourism site for Chinese tourists, famous for the Tibetan villages and watchtowers clinging to the sides of the river valleys. The scenery is spectacular and the area still gets very few western visitors. In the morning after breakfast we going to explore the the Jetsam village and old towers, these villages are within 10 km from the town of Rongdra. You may spend a lot of time to explore around the natural villages and old tower heritage.

Day 03: Rongdra - Tawu

After breakfast we will be driven through the Gacha valley to Tawu county, is the famous in Tibetan wooden house architectural. After arrival in Tawu check in hotel and settled up, going to explore Tawu Nyimtso Gongba, old wooden house street and Nyamgyal Choeten, the highest stupa in Tibet. There are always large number of local aged people are have been worshipping  and turning big bronze praying wheels.

Day 04: Tawu - Mukrong Valley

Early morning drive from Tawu county to Mukrong, the valley of hidden Shangri-la, its may take one and half hours. Driving with Shelchu River Gorge is a life experience of local farmers in east Tibet Kham. After one hour drive, you may lift turn detour to Mukrong valley. Whole ways excursion lives of the farmers; last arrive at our destination Saleb. Camping near the nunnery and packing for next six day trekking stuffs.

Day 05: Saleb - Kukuqara, Trekking and Camping.

After breakfast packing all the camping equipments and loading on the back of yaks or horses. To start our trek, its whole ascent jungle flora and fauna’s photo hunting trek to Kukuqara. After long day trek to your destination, you will arrive at “Kukuqara, the live paradise of the Mukrong.” The view of the Rocky Mountains, fastness forests, and melody stream of the nature offer you breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences of life. 5-7hrs Camping.

Day 06: Kukuqara - Thame valley, Trekking and Camping.

The valley of mysterious tales. Our nomads believe that, in this valley you may can hearing different sounds or noises of some live sprites or even you may can see something sprites too. As well as they believe this valley is home for YETIS. 5-8hrs Camping.  (Yeti or mountain man is an ape-like cryptic taller than an average human that is said to inhabit the Himalaya regions of Nepal and Tibet sides.)

Day 07: Thame to Zamar-Riked, 

Morning excursion the legendary mystery valley, afternoon trek to camping site. 3-5hrs

Day 08: Excursion nomadic areas, Trekking and Camping

Especially recommended mountain Rizorma and wrathful the soul lake of Akazati. May you can say it’s a day of explore the secret of Shambhala. Optional free hiking at nomadic places. Camping.

Day 09: Zamar-Riked - Rabgong monastery, Trekking and Camping.

Trekking across whole nomadic pastures of live panoramic landscapes. And on the top of the Thongshar pass, you may get the excellence view of the Lungten grassland.5-7hrs Camping.

Day 10: Drive to Dartsedo

After breakfast drive to Dartsedo or Chengdu, ( If Dartsedo on the way visit Mugutso lake and take a bath at Yakra hot spring.)

Day 11: Dartsedo - Chengdu

Today we continuous drive through the south Tibet highway. Before arrival in Chengdu, stop for Jagsamkha iron chain bridge.  After arrival in Chengdu, transfer to hotel and dinner going to taste the famous Sichuan hotpot or Tibetan restaurant.

Day 12: End of the Tour

Today is last day, your guide and driver transfer you to airport to catch flight for your next destination city

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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