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Once you step into the sacred land of Tibet, you’ll be amazed by the natural wildness and simple folk style. This 22-30 day tour take you to Kham highland from Chengdu plain, of which the journey can be varied and adventurous. Welcome to explore this wonderland by joining this Tibet Kham Motorcycle!

 High-speed Adventure towards Tibet Kham

Generally, this typical Kham motorcycle adventure tour mostly begins from Chengdu. However, it depends on your final itineraries and end in Chengdu in return as well. Specifically, we will pass through many traditional Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, high mountain passes, nomadic grasslands, Tibetan villages and small downtowns. Thus, you can have a full insight into the harmony between nature and human. Also, you’ll feast your eyes with a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural heritage. Honestly, the motorcycle and sidecar adventure tour is always very special for our clients. Not only can customers go through all the terrific scenery, but also ride a motorbike and do this cool outdoor activity all the way to Kham. What an unforgettable travel experience!

Join us in this Exciting Tibet Kham Motorcycle

For your information, we organize around 7 to 28 days including main spots according to your itinerary and mostly its starts and ends in Dartsedo (Ch. Kangding) or Chengdu as well. In total, this tour covers up about 2342km across the rocky terrains and roads and highways as well.

As for accommodation, we’ve selected several hotels that have prime location in relation to the places we’re visiting. However, In the smaller towns only more modest accommodations are available. Thus, we’ll try our best to make our customers stay in the best of the basics in these situations.

Above, we hope you can enjoy every minute in Kham. Most importantly, this innovative Tibet Kham Motorcycle Tour can definitely leave you impressive memory. Should you have any questions, please email us!

Tour Details of Tibet Kham Motorcycle

Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu
Pick from airport and transfer to your hotel

Day 02: Chengdu – Ya an (145kms – 580m).
View spot: After arrival in Yaan, explored around Befengshak.

Day 03: Yaan – Dartsedo (Kangding) (185kms – 2560m).
View spot: Jagsamkha iron chain bridge and Gyalrong river

Day 04: Dartsedo – Tawu (219kms – 2900m).
View spot: Pass Gyula, Lhagong monastery and Tawu old street.

Day 05: Tawu – Kangze (196kms – 3500m).
View spot: Nyingtso Gongba and Warda nunnery.

Day 06: Kangze – Manigongo (255kms – 4180m).
View spot: Kangze market and Dargye monastery.

Day 07: Manigongo – Derge (111kms – 3270m).
View spot: Yulong Lhatso, Trola pass and Derge Barkhong.

Day 08: Derge – Jomda Chamdo (113km – 3500m).
View spot: Derge Parkhang, Yangtze river and herbal medicine.

Day 09: Jomda – Chamdo. (231kms – 2800m).
View spot: Four high passes and Chamdo down town

Day 10: Chamdo – Bashu (265kms – 3260m).
View spot: Mekong river, alpine forests and two high Passes.

Day 11: Bashu – Bome (217kms – 2700m).
View spot: Rawo lake and Yarlong Tsangpo.

Day 12: Bome – Nyigchi (260km – 2860m).
View spot: Snow mountain and thousand years old trees

Day 13: Nyigchi – Basum-Tso (166km – 3500m).
View spot: Basum Lake

Day 14: Basum Tso – Holy city Lhasa (195kms – 3700m).
View spot: Far view of Potala Palace

Day 15: Sightseeing in Lhasa.
View spot: Jokhang Temple, Barkor street and Sera Monastery.

Day 16:Sightseeing in Lhasa.
View spot: Potala Palace, Drepung monastery and Norbu Lingkha summer palace.

Day 17: Lhasa – Shigatse (285kms – 3900m).
View spot: Yamdrok-tso Lake, Gyantze Dzong and Kumbum.

Day 18: Shigatse – Dingri  (252kms – 4300m).
View spot: Tashi Lhumbo Monastery

Day 19:  Dingri – Rongbuk (120kms – 5200m).
View spot: Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk no mastery.

Day 20: Rongbuk – Lhatse – Shigatse ( 304kms – 3900m).
View spot: Phuntsok Ling monastery

Day 21: Shigatse – Lhasa (265kms).
View spot: Tashi Lhumbo monastery and Yangbachen hot spring.

Day 22: End of your motorcycle adventure
Today is your last day, transfer to airport Gongar airport

What you can expect


Day 01: Arrival in Chengdu.

Pick up and transfer to your hotel, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, is one of the densely populated areas in China and famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateways to Eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains along the up reaches valleys of the Yangtze and Gayalrong river.

Day 02: Chengdu - Ya an (145kms - 580m)

Today we will been riding through on the old Sichuan-Tibet highway, passing by many cities, small towns and villages, on this road we will meet many Chinese individual cycling tourists from allover China. Yaan is traditionally very famous in tea products, during caravan time the 50% of tea for Tibetans from Yaan. If time permitted we will be explored around Befengshak.

Day 03: Yaan - Dartsedo (Kangding) (185kms - 2560m)

Today we continuous ride through the Sichuan-Tibet high way, the road between Yaan and Dartsedo is quite narrow and heave vehicle, so always need to be carefully. Visit Jasamkha chain bridge, across the Gyalrong river and continuous ride by the Gyalrong river  around 10 kilometers.

Dartsedo is former kingdom of Chalak Gyalbo and traditionally very important economical town for Khampa caravan trade road. Today Dartsedo is the capital seat of Kangtze Tibetan Autonomous and centre for economic, cultural, political. After arrival, check in and walk around lulu street, where  have many coffee shops, bars and handcraft gift shops, some coffee shops there running by westerners.

Day 04: Dartsedo - Lhagong - Tawu (219kms - 2900m)

After breakfast, we ride about 5 hours on the way stop for beautiful sceneries. Gyula pass is standing over (4270 m) sea level, if the weather permitted there you see the highest snow coped mountain in eastern Tibet, Minyang Gongkar (7556m), Visit Lhagong monastery and grassland. After arrival in Tawu,  going to explore the local old wooden house street.

Day 05: Tawu - Drago - Kangze (196kms - 3500m)

After breakfast we going visit Nyingtso Gongba, one of the thirteen largest Gelukba sect in Tehor Kham. It was founded by a Bom religion master, that was a small temple, one night he had a dream that  he offered a bunch of keys to a Gelukba master, in the morning Hor Choejee Nyawang Phuntsok was passing by his monastery, he invited him for tea and by the way interpreted about his last night dream, he took out bunch of key and said that this monastery belong to you. Today’s monastery is large and brilliant is reconstructed by Hor Choejee Nyawang Phuntsok. Early in the morning, the monastery’s out cycle trail is very heave pilgrimage site for local Buddhists, where is good place to explore the Tibetans strong religious believe and religion is how important in their live. On the way to Kangze, visit Yullo village. and Drago Warda nunnery.

Day 06: Kangze - Rongbha Tsa - Manigongo (255kms - 4180m)

After finished breakfast, we will walk little bit around in the Kangze local opened market. May drink a cup of coffee or tea and ride continuous fellow the north Sichuan- Tibet highway, today we pass by many beautiful natural villages, monasteries, a largely planted barley and other crop fields. Visit Dargye Gongba, belong to Gelugpa sect, surrounded by poplar trees and located on a small hill top, far away its looks like a small Potala Palace. Manigango is located at the road intersection of Derge and Zhachukha county, its very important town for local nomads for shopping their necessity supples for living, and famous in Mani Stone Pile, a huge pile of stones carved with Tibetan Buddhist prayers (The mantras words of Compassion Buddha) there for, this place got nome Manigongo.

Day 07: Manigongo - Yulong Lhatso - Derge (111kms - 3270m)

After breakfast we will be ride only 13 kilometres away from the town, stop for exploring the lake Yulong Lhatso, a stunning, holy alpine lake bordered by Chortens and dozens of colourful mantra words  craved on the rocks. The lake is backed by the huge glaciers of (6018 m) Trola peak and it’s possible to walk 1~2hrs up the left side of the lakeshore for glacier views. After exploring the Yulong Lhatso, we continuous ride upslope to Trola Pass ( ) ,After pass, the road descends through many bay and steep cliffs, sometimes where even in the summer covered with huge snow but its very impressive road in this motorcycle adventure. Arrival in Derge and check in, going to walk around Derge Parkhang ( Traditional publish center ), a crowd and crowds of traditional Tibetan chupa dressed people are have been circumambulating the Derge Parkhang.

Day 08: Derge  - Jomda Chamdo (113km - 3500m)

Toady is a long day riding, early in the morning, visit Derge Parkhang, is traditionally one of the four largest and important publishing center for Tibet, today most of the Tibetan Buddhism scriptures published here, you can watch there how to use the traditional wooden printing equipments by labours, all the   books and scriptures are printed by hands. After visiting, we continuous fellow the Sichuan -Tibet highway, across the Yangtze river, the border between Kangze Tibetan Autonomous and Tibet Autonomous region, there is a check point for foreign travelers and Tibetans from other regions. After crossing Ngela (4,245 m), we are welcomed by Wara Gongba, an important monastery of the Sakya school. We will stop for the night in Jomda, a moderately large town, at a finely decorated wooden cabin, and pay a visit to a Tibetan hospital which supplies herbal medicine throughout the region.

Day 09: Jomda - Chamdo. (231kms - 2800m)

Reaching the end of the day would seem like a mighty feat as we will be crossing over no less than four passes - Khargang La (4,352 m), Lashi La (4,450 m), Jape La (4,680 m), and Tama La (4,511 m), with clutters of prayer flags waving in the wind on the peaks and friendly nomads waving at us from the grasslands. After arrivaling, have a short visiting of Chamdo, is the oldest inhabit for the people in Tibet. Besides the important situation in the east part of Tibet, Chamdo is called as the East Gate to this highland district from Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai provinces, located between two river tributaries, Zhakchu and Nyomchu river, passing through the town divide it into four districts.

Day 10: Chamdo - Bashu (265kms - 3260m)

We follow the Mekong downstream through alpine forests to Kyitang village, where the Khampa houses are sturdily built on horizontal timbers. We then turn west to cross the Lona Pass (4,511 m) and follow the Yu-chu river downstream to Bangda, a town junction where Lhasa connects to the Chamdo- Yunnan Highway.The Yuchu valley lies north of the Salween gorges in the highlands of Tsawagong, where the immense geographic spatial dimensions of the land dwarf our presence. We will conquer when we cross Gama La Pass at an altitude of (4,618 m).

Day 11: Bashu - Rawo - Bome (217kms - 2700m)

On the way to Bome, we will stop in Rawo to cast our lines in the pristine waters of Ngan Tso, a spectacularly crystal blue lake cupped by snow peaks. We will wander along the Poto-chu Valley at Tramog (2,743 m), located deep in the thickly forested gorge of Yarlong Tsangpo with glacial waterfalls streaming from the mountainsides. We will go down several hundred meters in altitude as we reach the lowland jungle settlement of Thongme where the Tsangpo and Yarlong Tsangpo rivers meet. Stay in a guesthouse in Bome.

Day 12: Bome - Nyigchi  (260km - 2860m)

Crossing Serkhyem La Pass (4,515 m), the last major pass before reaching Lhasa, we will have spectacular views of Mount Gyala Pelri (7,150 m) and Mount Namchak Barwa (7,756 m). On the way to Nyingchi, we pass through Bayi, originally a military base, which has now become the capital of Nyingchi District. North of Bayi, Bajie village lies on the edge of a primary dense forest with sacred cypress trees which are more than two thousand and five hundred years old. Around May, we would be able to see three to five-meter rhododendrons in full bloom.

Day 13:  Nyigchi - Basum-Tso (166km - 3500m)

This beautiful alpine lake, also known as Basum Tso, is a long day’s ride from Bayi and a 41km detour off the Sichuan-Tibet High way. Apart from the sheer beauty of the lake and its surrounding 6000m-plus peaks, the site has strong connections to Gesar Ling, and Guru Rinpoche, the Indian buddhist master, both of whom are said to have resided at the lake. Many pilgrimage sites are connected to the place as well.

Day 14: Basum Tso - Holy city Lhasa (195kms - 3700m) 

Today, we will continuous ride to the holy city Lhasa,once we arrive at lhasa, our well selected centrally located hotels. ... The remainder of the day can be spent relaxing and exploring some of the many sights in Lhasa.

Day 15: Sightseeing in Lhasa 

Today morning we will take an easy visit to Jokhang Temple. This temple is the most revered shrine in all of Tibet and is constantly bustling with devout worshippers. We will also be given the opportunity to shop in Barkor, the crowded central market of Lhasa. In the afternoon we will visit is Sera Monastery, a fifteenth century sprawl of golden roofs and whitewashed walls. This well preserved monastery is located just a few miles North of Lhasa and is home to several hundred monks. its famous debating activities are happening 3-4pm quite regularly every day, so remind our guide not to miss it.

Day 16:  Sightseeing in Lhasa

A trip to Tibet would not be complete without experiencing the vital Potala Palace. This palace is Lhasa's cardinal landmark and is a wonder of Eastern architecture. Your first site of this massive structure will be a magical moment remembered for years to come. It has been a palace since the fifth or sixth century and was once home to the Dalai Lama. This truly amazing day will ended with a visit to the Drepung Monastery. Once the world's largest monastery, housing 10,000 monks, Drepung monastery lies hidden in rocky ridges just beyond the city. Surprisingly much of the building was left untouched throughout so many hundred of years. visit Norbulingkha summer palace.

Day 17: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse (285kms - 3900m) 

The Friendship Highway is the core destination today, we shall drive beyond Khamba La (4794 m), Yamdrok-tso Lake & Nazin Kang Sa (752 m), taking in the scenery from the open road. Passing westwards through Karo La Pass (5045 m), the road leads enormous glaciers which sweep down over adjacent hills, occasionally upon the road itself. The 261km trail of the day ends at the exquisite Gyantse village, one of the finest in Tibet. Gyantze Dzong and Kumbum are both the treasure and pride of Gyantse. Gyantse Dzong, a 14th century fort overlooks the amazing vista of Gyantse and Nyang Chu valleys, Kumbum offers more wonders of mankind, from the golden dome of the stupa which protects countless chapels from above to brilliant Tibetan Buddhist murals. Once having enjoyed these pivotal sights of Gyantse.

Day 18: Shigatse - Dingri  (252kms - 4300m)

After breakfast login to visit Tashilhunpo Monastery is the key site of Shigatse as well as being one the greatest active monasteries of the region. Continuing along the Friendship Highway, we leave Shigatse in the distance as we observe astounding landscape punctuated with small towns and villages.

Day 19:  Dingri -  Everest Base Camp - Rongbuk (120kms - 5200m)

Today easy ride to Rongbuk - the home of the highest monastery in Tibet – leaving plenty of time to explore this historic treasure. Once again, there are some stunning views to be had of the Himalaya. Take you to the base of the highest peak on earth; the north face of Mount Everest (8848m). Explore the Base Camp where countless expeditions have set off and see the Rongbuk glacier. The base camp itself is dry and barren, but the views of Everest more than compensate for this; having the highest mountain in the world towering over you is an experience you'll never forget. No tour vehicles, apart from expeditions and trekking team, are allowed beyond Rongbuk so you need to walk or take a horse cart.

Day 20: Rongbuk - Lhatse - Shigatse ( 304kms - 3900m)

We return to the shadow landscape cast from the mountains, today you have long day ride will cover some rocky terrain, covering the eight to ten hour ride to the city of Shigatse. On the way we will be visit Phuntsok Ling monastery, famous monastery of Jonangpa sect school. Shigatse is the home of the famous Tashilunpo Monastery, the historical seat of the Panchen Lama lineage and well known for its huge Thangka wall.

Day 21: Shigatse - Yangbachen - Lhasa (305kms) 

Today will be long day to ride but on the way always very beautiful scenery, we need to pass through two high passes, have a short brith in the Yangbachen nature hot spring, is very famous in nature hot spring resources.

Day 22: End of your motorcycle adventure

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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