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Many travelers to Tibet nowadays are interested in a highly personalized and customized experience. In order to give our guests more flexibility and convenience, we can now provide private vehicle transportation service to any traveler wishing to venture into the faraway locations in Tibet. Our destinations include Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash, Nyingchi, rural north Tibetan Plateau, etc. Our experienced driver will help you travel in Tibet at your own pace and make recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, hotels as you go. Check out offers now and plan your dream Tibetan trip with us!

12 Days Lhasa Everest Kailash Private Vehicle Service Summary

Day 1 Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse (354 km, 8 hours) Recommended visits: Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Pelkor Chode Monastery. Recommended hotels: Shigatse Gesar hotel or Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel.

Day 2 Shigatse-Latse-New Tingri (300 km, about 7-10 hours) Recommended visits: Sakya Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery. Recommended hotel: New Tingri Everest Hotel.

Day 3 New Tingri-Everest Base Camp (120km, 2 hours) Enjoy views of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. Recommended accommodations: Campsite or Tashitsong guesthouse or Rongpuk or Zhaxizong guesthouse (depending on season and availability).

Day 4 Everest Base Camp-Saga (330km, 6 hours) Recommended visit: Rongbuk Monastery, Peikutso Lake, Mt Shishapama. Recommended hotel: Saga Hotel.

Day 5 Saga-Lake Manasarovar (500km, 10hrs) Recommended visit: Tibetan rural landscape, Lake Manasarovar. Recommended hotel: Local guesthouse.

Day 6 Lake Manasarovar-Darchen (50km, 1 hour) Recommended visit: Tibetan rural landscape, Lake Manasarovar. Recommended hotel: Himalaya Kailash Hotel.

Day 7 Pilgrimage Trek Day 1 Darchen-Dirakpuk, 20km, 4hrs. Overnight in local guesthouse.

Day 8 Pilgrimage Trek Day 2 Dirakpuk-Zuktulpuk, 18km, 6hrs. Overnight in local guesthouse.

Day 9 Pilgrimage Trek Day 3 Zuktulpuk-Darchen, 14km, 3hrs. Recommended hotel: Himalaya Kailash Hotel.

Day 10 Darchen-Saga (5ookm, 8 hours) Recommended hotel: Saga Hotel.

Day 11 Saga-Shigatse (450km, 9 hours) Recommended hotels: Shigatse Gesar hotel or Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel.

Day 12 Shigatse-Lhasa (340km, 6 hours) Return via north scenic route. Recommended hotels: Tashi Nota Khangsung Hotel or Gesar Hotel.

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

05 Tibet Kailash

05 Tibet KailashNgari is the westmost area of Tibet. It neighbors Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the north and Shigatse and Nagchu in the east. It shares has a total border of 1116 km with India, Nepal and Kashmir area. Located in Ngari are Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarova, the Sacred Mountain and Holy Lake respectively. They Read more

07 Tibet Everest

07 Tibet  EverestMt. Everest: The Highest Mountain On Earth Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain (8,844.43 meters), is located in the international border between China and Nepal. As the dominant peak of the Himalayas, Mt.Everest is considered as ‘the Third Pole of the Earth ’. Covered with snow all year round, its glacier area has reached ten thousand Read more

04 Tibet Shigatse

04 Tibet ShigatseShigatse, “the fertile land”, is the second largest city in Tibet, only after Lhasa. It is cultural, economic and political center of Tibet. It sits where the Yarlong Tsangpo River and Nyangchu River meets, and has an altitude of 3800m. Shigatse is geographically important also because of the fact that it is only 300 kilometers away Read more

02 Tibet Lhasa

02 Tibet LhasaLhasa is the beautiful capital city of Tibet and also the political, cultural and economic center of the Tibetan region. Situated at an altitude of 3490 m (11450 ft), Lhasa is where most travelers begin their exploration of wonderful Tibetan culture and landscape. Lhasa means “place of the gods” in Tibetan language. Because of its Read more

01 Tibet All Around

01 Tibet All AroundThe window of Tibet was open officially to the outside world since the 1980s when the tourism began. Since then, Tibet became more and more popular tour destination in the world and it was in the Top 50 most famous travel destinations in the world in the past years. Its rich religious cultures, the stunning Read more

Service Details

This service includes private vehicle transportation only!

Service included:

  • Tibet tourism licensed vehicle
  • Tibet local driver
  • Petrol per day (driving distance no more than 500 km a day)
  • Tibetan tour guide salary per day basis (included)
  • Insurance for tour vehicle
  • Tibet travel permits
  • Entrance tickets for vehicle and guide to Everest Base Camp if it is on the itinerary

Service Not included:

  • Charge for extra days (please consult us for the specific rate)
  • Accommodations and meals;
  • Entrance tickets for the attractions;
  • Tipping for your Tibetan guide and driver

Important Info

According to Tibet travel transport regulations, the information below is important for you to read. More details on terms and conditions on Tibet vehicle services will be provided by to you by your Tibet trip advisor.

  • Driving speed restriction is serious, please do not push our driver to drive fast;
  • Passenger's individual travel insurance is not included, please buy full travel insurance in your country;
  • All foreign travelers traveling outside of Lhasa will need to always have a licensed tour guide present and a licensed tourism vehicle;
  • All foreign travelers must need all necessary, legal and valid Tibet travel permits to travel in whole Tibet. You need to confirm your ideal destinations you want to go, and so we can apply the suitable Tibet travel permits in advance. We cannot re-issue or change permits after arrival, so please confirm your travel destinations earlier to guarantee the correct permits document.