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Welcome to explore Tibet by taking the train from Beijing to Lhasa! Taking the train is a relaxed and leisured way but an enjoyable experience to travel around China. The rail networks of China nowadays are very extensive and developed. Nowadays the trains are more comfortable and faster than before. Here below lets introduce you the Qinghai Tibet railway journey from Beijing to Lhasa!

The Qinghai Tibet Train from Beijing to Lhasa

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Beijing to Lhasa Train Travel

More and more passengers who travel to Lhasa,Tibet from Beijing choose to take the train. Beijing has become one of the most popular starting points of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. However, except that, Xining, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Chongqing all offer the trains to Lhasa. The travel between Beijing and Lhasa can be really tough. Because it takes a long duration more than 40 hours. It is the best to start the train journey from Xining,Qinghai. The Qinghai-Tibet railway travel is so much easier and it takes around 20 hours.

In July,2006, the No. Z21 train became one of the first three railway routes to Tibet. The train crosses eight provinces in China from Northern China Plain to the world’s highest Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. And the whole journey takes about 40 hours and twenty minutes from Beijing West Railway station to Lhasa.

The Beijing-Lhasa railway is 3,757 km long in total. Of the full length, the 1,110 km Qinghai-Tibet Railway was newly built. The most exciting part on the way is the section from Xining to Lhasa.The tourists can see the stunning view outside the window. In addition, the train passes the famous attractions such as Gobi Desert, Mount Tanggula and vast grassland.

Beijing-Lhasa Train Schedule

The regular departure train no.Z21 usually starts at 20:00 and ends at 12:20 next day. Furthermore, the return train no.Z22 takes shorter time with a duration of 39 hours and 58 minutes. And it leaves from Lhasa at 16:30 and arrives in Beijing at 8:28 next day.

StationAltitudeArrivalDepartureStop TimeDaysDistance
West Beijing44 m20:00Day 1
Shijiazhuang80 m22:3322:374 minDay 1291 km
Taiyuan820 m00:1900:256 minDay 2516 km
Zhongwei3,000 m07:0507:1611 minDay 21,263 km
Lanzhou1,530 m12:1712:3316 minDay 21,569 km
Xining2,200 m15:0115:2120 minDay 21,785 km
Delingha2,980 m19:2319:252 minDay 22,306 km
Golmud2,780 m22:1022:3525 minDay 22,615 km
Nagchu4,500 m08:1808:246 minDay 33,435 km
Lhasa3,650 m12:20Day 33,757 km

Beijing-Lhasa Train Tickets Pricing Update ( Jan, 2018)

Beijing West Railway to Lhasa Railway

Beijing to Lhasa Train Price

Lhasa Railway to Beijing West Railway

Lhasa to Beijing Train Price

Life on the Beijing to Lhasa train (or Vice Versa)

Cabin types

To choose to sleep on the train, two types of cabin are available. One is the first class cabin while the other is the second class. The first class includes 4 soft sleepers in one compartment. Moreover, there are 6 hard sleepers within one compartment in the second class.

Train from Beijing to Lhasa Soft Sleeper

Soft Sleeper Berth Qinghai Tibet Train Travel Tibet

Qinghai Tibet Railway Soft Sleeper Cabin

Qinghai Tibet train travel soft-sleeper-room 2

Train from Beijing to Lhasa Hard Sleeper

Beijing Lhasa Beijing Train Hard Sleeper

Beijing to Lhasa Train 3rd Class Soft Seats

Beijing to Lhasa Train Hard Seat

There is one specific cabin on the rain, passengers can sit down to eat food. It is a train restaurant. But the price is more expensive than the usual food. Plus tourists can order the food you like.

At the end of each cabin, toilets and washing basins are available. Furthermore, boiled water are accessible. Travelers can take the instant noodles and coffee.

Face/Hand Wash Area

Lhasa-Beijing Qinghai-Tibet Train Tour Toilet

Kitchen on the Train

Kitchen on Qinghai Tibet Train

Tibet Train Dinning Car

Qinghai Tibet Railway Travel Beijing Lhasa Train Restaurant Dinning Car

Oxygen Supply

Oxygen Supply on Qinghai Tibet Train

Oxygen Supply

Lhasa-Beijing Qinghai-Tibet Train Tour Oxygen Supply Coach

Toilet Room

Qinghai Tibet Lhasa Train Facility Toilet Room

Qinghai Tibet Railway Oxygen Supply & Medical Issues

When traveling through the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, some passengers may suffer from altitude sickness. What’s worse, few people will feel a lack of oxygen. However, the train is equipped with two types of oxygen supply systems. Besides, doctors are also available on the train.

In addition, passengers can purchase the Health Registration Card when buying the train ticket. It can bring the tourists a sense of security in case of any emergency.