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The popular travel destination of Tibet is mysterious, sensitive and not easily accessible without prior careful arrangements. Because of the unique climate and travel policy situation, you may have to keep well informed before you go. Sometimes it is difficult for travelers to keep up with them. As a local Lhasa travel agency with a group of Tibet travel experts who receives first-hand news about Tibet tourism, we want to share the information to our guests so that you can plan your Tibet trip in a more effortless fashion. Read more Tibet travel posts.

Steps to Get Tibet Travel Permits Successfully well explained by “Visit Tibet”

Where can I get my Tibet travel permits? Is it difficult to apply my Tibet travel document? Here let “Visit Tibet” travel service team provide you the easy but important application steps. These steps make the comprehensive Tibet permits application process well explained. Once your Tibet holiday is booked with reliable agent, just provide the […]

How to Visit Tibet – An Ultimate Guide from Visit Tibet Travel Service (2019 Version)

Have you ever wanted to visit Tibet? If you’re up for the adventure of a lifetime it is essential that you hire a Tibet travel agency or Lhasa Tour Operator to enhance your experience. Before we get into why you need a Tibet Travel Agency let’s take a look at information on the Tibet Travel […]

Five Distinct Travel Regions in Tibet

Travel in Tibet opens the door for adventure and cultural discovery for travelers around the world! With so many travel destinations to choose, travelers can customize a tour that meets their specific needs and interests. Undoubtedly, Tibet is a large travel destination. To help travelers better understand its geography, Explore China Tibet discusses five distinct […]